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Verlo Launches Proprietary IntraTouch(tm) Sleep Systems, Providing Custom Support For A Good Night's Sleep

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Helping customers achieve a good night's sleep is just one of the founding principles of Verlo Mattress Factory Stores. Pushing the envelope in its product development, Verlo Mattress Factory Stores launches the IntraTouch™ Sleep System, an advancement in bedding technology that provides total body support. "This revolutionary sleep system is specifically designed to provide personalized support necessary for a good night's sleep," said Mike Schweiger, Vice President of Verlo Mattress Factory Stores. As Schweiger explains, this proprietary system utilizes the company's exclusive mattress upholstery layers, innerspring unit and box spring construction to create a cohesive system of weight distribution. "Equal distribution of body weight throughout the system translates into added support to areas the body needs it most," adds Schweiger. Confident with this latest product advancement and acceptance at retail, this system will be executed on a grand scale. "The IntraTouch™ Sleep System is being executed across 50% of our mattress line," added Schweiger. The IntraTouch Sleep System combines various technologies within the box spring, innerspring and upholstery layers. The box spring in the IntraTouch Sleep System is divided into seven zones that provide support to the entire set from head-to-toe and side-to-side. The next component is Verlo's exclusive, proprietary innerspring unit. This innerspring is zoned and includes a posturized center and a head-to-toe alternating coil design. The final element is the 7-zoned, contoured pure Talalay latex comfort layer, which provides varying levels of support from the head, shoulders, hips and lower extremities. The Home Office staff at Verlo Mattress Factory Stores spent over 18 months on designing and testing the IntraTouch Sleep System prior to launch at the retail level. "We worked diligently with our suppliers to develop an exclusive, proprietary innerspring and box spring units," said Schweiger. The IntraTouch Sleep System is available within the Company's Handcrafted™ and Custom Crafted® lines "This entire program has been well-received at the retail level, with our Handcrafted and Custom Crafted products up 20% since this program's inception." "Since 1958, Verlo has been building individualized mattresses. The IntraTouch Sleep System extends our offering of personalized comfort. By utilizing the entire sleep set, we can offer one cohesive system that provides support while sleeping on an individual basis," said Kristine Pearse, Retail Merchandising Assistant at Verlo Mattress Factory Stores. Pearse explains that since Verlo builds each mattress specifically for each customer, the Company can custom-tailor the mattress to the customer's comfort needs. "Using our traditional inner-button tufting techniques, combined with our IntraTouch components, we can adjust the comfort levels that best suit each customer," added Pearse. Getting a good night's sleep has tremendous health and wellness benefits. In a recent "Sleepiness in America" survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, 82% of the respondents agreed that feeling tired during the day can have a negative impact on productivity. The study continues to note that sleep loss has been found to " impair the ability to perform tasks involving memory, learning, and logical reasoning." "Since most of us spend about a third of our lives sleeping, it is important to have a comfortable, supportive mattress set," said Pearse. "Choosing a mattress set is truly a personal decision. Our IntraTouch™ Sleep System allows for Verlo to provide its customers with a supportive, personal product that addresses the sleep needs of our customers on an individual basis." The IntraTouch™ Sleep System started rolling out to its 70 retail locations across the United States in late 2004 and is now available in all locations.

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