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Articles from the February/March issue of FURNITURE WORLD Magazine have been posted to the furniture information rich website www.furninfo.com. 1,000 full text articles on furniture retailing are resident on the site as is information on furniture shows, home furnishings associations, industry news and over 50,000 consumer and trade message board postings. The following articles from the latest issue can be seen on the home page of furninfo.com: What Salespeople Need To Know About Your Profits Ask a sales associate how much profit an average furniture store makes. Most will guess in the neighborhood of fifty percent. Larry Mullins explains why this impression, that is also shared by your customers, can sabotage your sales and marketing efforts. Transportation Costs & Delays 2005 by Dan Bolger You can minimize overall transportation cost increases and may actually improve service in 2005....more Every Associate A Leader - Part 2 by Larry Mullins Test way to develop leaders who can see your company and services the way that they ought to be. ...more Are Women The Best Salespeople? by Larry Mullins Things have changed since the days when furniture was designed by men, built by men, sold wholesale by men to men, and eventually sold at retail by men to women. But the “grass is still greener” for women in other industries. Variable Rate Commissions & Discounting by Larry Stark Here is a way to maximize sales and gross margin without substantially increasing expenses....more Sales Staffing Part 2 by Joe Capillo First find the right people, set performance standards, compensation methods, goal management and accountability. Then teach them how you do business. ...more A Retail Awakening: Design Services by Joe Capillo Now, there appears to be a new awareness among furniture retailers of the importance of furnishing new rooms vs. just selling new products...more Trends Display 2005 by Janet Holt -Johnstone Pierre & Andre combine pragmatism with retail know-how in the 2005 display...more Most Important 4 Letter Word: GOAL 2005 by Cathy Finney Unstick Yourself. Let your biggest competitor be you! ...more Fix Import Repair Problems by Peter Schlosser Imports come with several key advantages, like better profit margins; more adventurous finishes, shapes and styles; and a wide range of prices. Choosing furniture at markets based on looks and repairability means that you will be able to make repairs whenever necessary, turning damaged goods back into first quality rather than sending them to the clearance center. For more information contact Russ@furninfo.com or go to www.furninfo.com.

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