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ND International Trade Announces New Service For International Furniture Component Suppliers

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ND International Trade Inc., an experienced supplier to the US furniture industry, announced that they have started a new service to provide expertise and marketing services to component suppliers who want to sell their products to furniture manufacturers in North America. They are located in Hickory, North Carolina and have been supplying seating frames and case goods to the industry. The company is expanding the lines of products that they supply, and is also offering services to worldwide manufacturers that wish to have a greater presence in this marketplace. The services that the company will now offer include marketing, trade show services, warehousing and distribution services. Owner Neil Doherty emphasizes that although his company will be performing services and marketing products for companies outside of the United States, he will also work with the independent manufacturers and distributors here in the USA that may want to display stock that they wish to sell. He feels that many have had their businesses seriously affected by the lower priced imports. Thus, he will offer some space on his web site to these domestic companies that wish to display some of their products and that otherwise do not have access to show on the Internet. He will do this subject to space availability on the web site, and hopes that it will be helpful to the companies here to adjust to the new market environment. Neil feels that with the growth of imports from lower wage countries that has occurred over the past few years, the structure of the furniture industry will continue to evolve. Thus, he feels that it is important for any manufacturer that wants to develop new business in this market to show their products in the trade shows and to have pieces available for prompt delivery – and that this is important for domestic manufacturers as well as the foreign manufacturers. He has put up an expanded web site on the Internet that both describes the services that the company is offering manufacturers and shows furnishing products that are available to the trade. The products offered on the web site include European made case goods, European antiques, seating frames (exposed wood and fully upholstered) and even a section that shows discounted pieces from various manufacturers that are available to independent dealers and retailers. The web site can be found at www.furniture-suppliers.com. Neil Doherty can be contacted by E-mail ndintr@w3link.com