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PROFITwindows Version 11.0 To Debut At The High Point Furniture Market

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Version 11.0, the latest generation of PROFITwindows, was created using Microsoft’s new-generation, multi-language programming system called Visual Studio .Net. PROFITwindows 11.0 is the result of a very intensive, two-year development project, which includes the complete rewrite of the user interface and reporting portions of the system. There are three major benefits provided by the Microsoft.Net development environment: 1. Extremely tight, seamless integration of PROFITwindows 11.0 with third party software is accomplished simply with Microsoft.Net. An example of this totally seamless integration is with Micro*D’s Easy Order Manager which operates as a part of the PROFITwindows Sales entry and Purchase Order entry modules. This allows furniture store employees and customers to see a visual verification of special order items. They see the actual upholstery fabrics, leathers, colors and wood finishes rendered exactly as ordered. With no hand key entry after this visual verification, both the store and their customers are assured no errors occur from out-dated catalog selections, prices or availability as the electronic catalog is always up-to-date. 2. Tremendous increases in programming productivity. For users of PROFITwindows this means enhancements, desired business features and customizations can be developed at least 5 times as fast as any other development tool available. Also, compatibility with future Microsoft products and versions will be readily available and extremely reliable for PROFITwindows clients. 3. The Microsoft VisualStudio.Net development environment will also allow for future Web services to be implemented within PROFITwindows, enabling software clients to have the best of both desktop and Internet worlds, all within one system. PROFITwindows is now even easier to use and contains new, powerful features to make life easier and more profitable than ever before. You can see this new, world-class system in operation for yourself at the PROFITsystems space in the NHFA Retailer Resource Center on the 12th floor of the Main Street building of the International Home Furnishings Center throughout the April High Point Market. The PROFITsystems website can be accessed at www.profitsystems.net PROFITsystems, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of Windows - based retail furniture software. More U.S. and Canadian furniture retailers run their businesses on PROFITsystem than any other furniture software in the world. We continue to provide our clients with the very latest software features and functions, and the highest quality support, at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

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