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The High Point Group Formed to Provide Promotional and Operational Support to the Home Furnishings Industry

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A new retail event marketing and operational consulting firm, The High Point Group (HPG) has been formed. Edward Borowsky, a 30-year veteran of the home furnishings and retail consulting industries, leads the High Point Group. "With the formation of The High Point Group, we hope to bring the role of consultants to a much higher, much more-inclusive level," stated Borowsky. "We are more than just consultants to our clients -- we are strategic partners who take great pride in increasing sales while protecting our clients' reputations and brand equity." According to Borowsky, The High Point Group provides resources and expertise in three primary areas -- capital, operational expertise and human resources. "As a Gordon Brothers financed company, we have the fiscal resources to purchase whole inventories. If a retailer wishes to convert their inventory into immediate capital, we'll provide the highest, possible cash value upfront, as well as the credit support necessary to free-flow merchandise to operations of any size." "Additionally, we handle all operational aspects of sales promotions -- including budgeting, advertising, human resources management, sales tracking and merchandising," Borowsky continued. "We've created, through years of practical, hands-on experience, a set of unique methods called the HPG System(TM). The system, which has been copyrighted, is designed to yield the greatest profits on a promotional event by applying strict inventory controls, standardized operational systems, comprehensive planning and daily sales reporting to every event." "Our managerial staff is fully bonded and insured and includes former c- level executives from the furniture industry. Each brings years of experience in running high-impact promotional events, unparalleled expertise in both sales and operations and must also go through our intensive training programs before they enter the field. You just won't find a team like this anywhere else," said Borowsky. Additionally, the group offers Merchant Services on a project basis. These include comprehensive asset appraisals, real estate marketing, store branding and advertising planning, creation and production. "Our advertising group is focused on achieving exceptional results without compromising a business' good reputation," said Borowsky. "We strive to create promotions that our clients will be proud to use." "This is a very exciting time for both our group and our clients," said Borowsky. "We feel that by combining our brand protection techniques with our proven sales methods, we will re-define how sales promotions are conducted within the home furnishings industry. We are committed to creating a kinder, gentler company with a single-minded mission of serving our clients with professionalism and respect." About the High Point Group (HPG): The High Point Group (http://www.highpointgroup.net/), a Gordon Brothers financed company, provides solutions for the Home Furnishings Industry through retail event marketing and operational consulting. HPG professionals supervise all operational aspects of promotions, including budgeting, advertising, human resources management, sales tracking and merchandising. HPG's unique methods, collectively known as The HPG System(TM), are designed to yield the greatest profits possible on promotional events.

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