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Demountable Concepts To Give High Point Truck/Warehouse Seminar

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Rustin Cassway, President and Mark Ansberry, Sales Representative for Demountable Concepts, Inc. will give a seminar at the upcoming High Point furniture market. Their presentation, "Improving Operational Efficiency In Large And Small Retail Furniture Operations With Demountable Truck Bodies," will be held at the NHFA Retailer Resource Center, M12 IHFC on Friday, April 14th, 11:30 thru 12:30. The seminar will focus on individual case studies of both large retailers with hundreds of trucks and small retailers with one or two trucks who’ve implemented the system. The case studies will highlight typical problems retailers face in distribution and how the Demountable System help solve them. Mr. Casssay and Mr. Ansberry have almost 25 years of combined experience helping furniture retailers improve their delivery operations. Their experience is based primarily in analyzing a retailer’s warehouse and delivery operations, determining if a “Demountable” solution makes sense and finally implementing the Demountable Truck Body System into a retailer’s operation. About Demountable Concepts: Demountable Concepts, Inc. is a manufacturer of demountable truck body systems that allow furniture retailers to streamline their delivery operation. Retailers have reduced the number of trucks, closed regional warehouses and cross-dock facilities, reduced warehouse overtime and improved overall customer satisfaction with the use of the Demountable Truck Body System. While the Company stresses high quality standards in the engineering and manufacturing of the Demountable Truck Body System, the same effort goes into understanding an individual prospect’s operation.