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Pam Danziger featured speaker at "Luxury Cakewalk" hosted 220 Steele Building, High Point on April 15

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Pam Danziger, author of the new book on the luxury market, Let Them Eat Cake: Marketing Luxury to the Masses—as Well as the Classes will share insights on the new luxury market at 200 Steele Building, High Point, on April 15 at 4:30 p.m. Registered attendees will receive a copy of Danziger’s new book and refreshments will be served. In this session, sponsored by Fine Furnishings International magazine, Interior Design Society (IDA) and the showrooms of 200 Steele Building, and which is CEU accredited, Danziger will offer designers and interiors professionals insight into working with the new luxury consumer. In her speech entitled, The Eight Things Every Home Marketer Needs to Know About the Luxury Market, Danziger will explain who the ‘new luxury’ consumer is and how ‘new luxury’ marketers can connect for greater marketing success. “The luxury market has always been the sweet spot for home marketers. But in the past few years, the luxury market has been shifting away from spending on the home in order to enjoy more experiential luxuries, like travel, fine dining and spas. “Unity Marketing’s Luxury Tracking study has found that when spending on experiential luxuries goes up, spending on home luxuries goes down. In effect the home marketer’s competitive landscape has suddenly gone horizontal with the real competition coming not from other home marketers, but from those who sell experiences,” Danziger says. “The new challenge for home marketers is how to make the products they sell and the way they sell them more experiential.” In this provocative session Danziger will share insights to help home marketers navigate the shifting needs and desires of the luxury consumers and present strategies for home marketers to compete more effectively based upon a three-year longitudinal study of luxury consumers. Danziger will explain how the only way marketers can win with consumers today is to enhance and build more luxury into their brands at every price point. The challenge is that the concept of luxury has changed as the tradition-bending baby-boom generation has evolved into the new luxury market. To register for this session, contact FFi magazine at 651-293-1544 or visit www.ffimagazine.com