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Color Matching System Helps Match Colors - New Book

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In her new book, Color Your Life – How To Design Your Home With Colors From Your Heart (January 2005, Taylor Productions, $27.95) Ryan discusses the benefits of color, emphasizing the psychological and emotional aspects of incorporating big color in the home. “We have a spiritual connection to vibrant colors,” says Ryan. “Yet people are fearful of making a color-matching mistake.” To make it easier to select matching and complimentary colors, Ryan has created a valuable tool that eliminates any fear associated with matching colors correctly. Her new COLOR BARS© Color Matching System contains 64 popular tones and shades. There are 32 odd-numbered colors on one side of the fan, and 32 even-numbered colors on the other. All even numbered colors complement each other, as do the odd numbered colors. The Color Bars is the only tool needed to determine colors for walls, drapery, upholstery and carpeting. For more information visit www.elaineryan.com

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