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Pulaski Furniture Introduces New Concept in Curio Interior Lighting

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Thanks to customer research and its commitment to continual improvement in meeting their needs, Pulaski was able to survey its database of 80,000 consumers to learn more about their opinions, their satisfaction and their purchase plans. When we asked our customers about their satisfaction with Pulaski curios and accent furniture, 96 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with their purchase, 42 percent said they had plans to purchase another piece and a majority had one suggestion to make – enhance the interior lighting in curios. Today, celebrating its 50th anniversary as one of the nation’s top 20 furniture companies, the “lights” on Pulaski’s cake will not be fueled just by candle power, but by Pulaski’s latest innovation and contribution to the industry – its new, patent pending Insight™ Lighting System. Pulaski’s new Insight Lighting System is a revolutionary new concept in interior curio lighting that will be the benchmark of quality in curio and display cabinets for years to come. The new system advances interior curio lighting by providing a range of new lighting effects and flexibility, including patented adjustable shelf light boxes. Along with the introduction of the new Insight Lighting System will be the relaunch of Pulaski’s Keepsakes line of curios. The newly relaunched Keepsakes brand offers 200 different models. The new Insight Lighting System will be standard on Keepsake’s Signature collection of curios, a premiere line within the Keepsake’s brand. Crafting the Future, Piece by Piece: The Pulaski Furniture Corporation continues to be a dynamic force within the furniture industry, sitting in the enviable position of being one of the top 20 furniture companies serving independent furniture retailers, regional chains, national chains, department stores and catalog merchants throughout the United States. The company is known for its leadership in design, progressive marketing and global sourcing expertise. Founded half a century ago in Pulaski, Virginia, the company adopted the name of the town as its own and was originally established as a maker of bedroom and dining room furniture. From that point on, Pulaski rapidly carved out a niche for itself by becoming a leader in the production of curio cabinets, designed specifically to display collectibles. As Pulaski continued to expand and diversify, the company has added accent pieces, occasional tables and hand painted armoires. Keeping Close to the Customer: President and CEO Lawrence E. Webb has surrounded himself with a team of energetic, decisive individuals who continue to keep their eye focused on meeting the needs of the customer. When Webb joined Pulaski three years ago, bringing with him 30 years of experience in the furniture industry, he and his executive team remained committed to meeting customer’s needs by focusing on solutions. That customer focus laid the path that led to Pulaski’s unique position today as a leader in the hand-crafted import business. Webb’s wealth of financial and operational expertise has enabled him to develop highly effective delivery, quality and service systems, while simultaneously lowering the total operational expenses of the company. In his position as board member, Webb has helped shape a corporate strategy that enables Pulaski to perform in the top 25th percentile of the industry. James H. Kelly, board member and executive vice president of product development and marketing, has a 35-year history with Pulaski in diverse areas, from operations to sales, marketing and product development. Kelly heads up the creative side of the business, focusing on identifying trends, product development needs, and advertising. Under Kelly’s direction Pulaski has cemented its image in the industry as a leader in style and price proposition. With an extensive sales background, Bill Sibbick falls naturally into the position of senior vice president of sales. Sibbick is responsible for all aspects of sales, including staff, developing and implementing sales strategies, and playing the role of liaison between sales and product development. Sibbick’s track record of increased sales reflects his positive relationships with retailers and his superior motivational skills. Philosophy of Service: Those at the helm of Pulaski’s executive team know the value of moving quickly, and the pitfalls of indecisiveness. Kelly credits Pulaski’s success in part to the company’s knack of being able to spot trends early, incorporate them into product designs and functionality and commercialize them. “We are considered design leaders, and are not afraid to follow our instincts for the business,” states Kelly. But it is more than instinct that contributes to Pulaski’s success. The Pulaski management team puts a premium on the opinions and feedback of their retail customers and consumers, and backs their instincts with experience and decisions with research. “Our executive team believes in a hands-on approach, and along with our product development team walks the floors with retailers to fully understand what is happening in terms of business and consumer needs,” Kelly adds. To further ensure an optimum level of operation and quick response time, Pulaski has systematically streamlined all aspects of the business, from inception of design to market introductions. The company has embraced the technological advances of recent years, working to develop its “zero-paperwork” Product Development Program – a system that allows every stage of the product development and manufacturing process to be handled electronically, both in Asia and the U.S. As a result, Pulaski can respond not only to change, but anticipate the needs of the future. Consumer-First Growth and Development: Thanks to Pulaski’s commitment to staying close to customers with an eye toward meeting the needs of consumers, their domestic business experienced steady growth and early on (mid-eighties) Pulaski executives began to explore options for overseas production. Today, imports from Asia represent over 50 percent of Pulaski’s total business, facilitating the company’s ability to maintain affordable price points in a climate of rising manufacturing costs. Today, thanks to its customer-focus, Pulaski is the market leader in curios, holding the largest share in the United States. Pulaski: In addition to the Insight Lighting System to be introduced in April 2005 at the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, N.C., Pulaski is further distinguished by patented technology that includes the “Herculean” locking system for beds, and two-way sliding curio doors. The company also goes the extra mile to ensure quality by finishing the inside of drawers to “silky smooth,” lining the top drawers with felt, and adding drawer stops to its drawer glide system. Pulaski continues to build its portfolio of licensed and proprietary brands. In addition to relaunching Keepsakes, the company will introduce two new Pulaski collections in spring 2005, as well as a new bedroom and line of accents to its Antiques Roadshow™ Collection. Pulaski is the leading furniture manufacturer currently to develop collections linked to popular television brands. The Antiques Roadshow Collection is comprised of pieces inspired by original antiques discovered on the Antiques Roadshow™ television show. The Casa Cristina Collection, a new Euro-Mediterranean furniture collection that reflects the inspiration of both old world European design and the savvy lifestyle of Latin media sensation Cristina Saralegui, debuted last year. Antiques Roadshow™ is a trademark of the BBC and is produced under license from BBC Worldwide for PBS® by WGBH/Boston.

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