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PROFITprofessional, the Next Generation Retail Management System from PROFITsystems, Debuts

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PROFITsystems, Inc. introduced the latest generation of its extremely popular, Windows-based, retail furniture management software under its working name, PROFITwindows Version 11, at the April High Point Furniture Market. In response to many comments by market attendees that this latest version of their software was so far advanced beyond previous versions and beyond other systems available, PROFITsystems’ management team realized that a name change was called for. “Before market we thought we had a winner.” Larry Stark, Chairman of PROFITsystems said, “but after the opening day, we began to realize just how big it was going to be. We knew right then that we had to change the name of this, our new flagship product, to properly reflect its advanced functionality.” After considering hundreds of possibilities suggested by employees, customers, and others, the new name, PROFITprofessional, was selected. “While previous versions of PROFITsystems’ software may have set the standard for retail furniture industry-specific software, PROFITprofessional definitely raises the bar to a new level,” Larry Stark added. Created using Microsoft’s VisualStudio.Net development environment, PROFITprofessional shows off VisualStudio’s integration artistry to great advantage. PROFITprofessional seamlessly integrates MicroD’s Easy Order Manager configuration software within its sales entry and purchase order entry modules. For the first time ever, retail furniture salespeople can create special order sales and merchandisers can create stock PO’s with total assurance that they will be 100% error-free. Participating manufacturers’ catalogs (38 catalogs available now and more coming soon) with all their usage rules and restrictions are contained within Easy Order Manager, so invalid information can’t be entered. After a piece is configured, Easy Order Manager creates a photo-realistic rendering of the piece as configured with the cover, color, and finish specified so the salesperson and customer can verify that everything has been specified exactly as the customer wants it. This picture can even be printed on a form that a dealer might have the customer sign to confirm this custom-configured piece is exactly what they want. A customer copy can also be printed to give the customer a picture of their new furniture to show everyone before it arrives. For stock merchandise, the picture is automatically attached to the item in the inventory file for immediate access by anyone. For both stock and special order merchandise, the pictures as well as the configured options list follows each merchandise item through to sales history so that even years later, the exact configuration purchased is immediately available. “The integration of MicroD’s Easy Order Manager into PROFITprofessional is just the first example of the very tight, totally seamless integration of world-class, third-party software into our software that you’ll be seeing lots more of from PROFITsystems in the future,” Stark concluded. For more information, access PROFITsystems website at www.profitsystems.net, or call toll-free at 800-888-5565. PROFITsystems, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of Windows - based retail furniture software. More U.S. and Canadian furniture retailers run their businesses on software by PROFITsystems than any other furniture software in the world.

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