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NevoRetail POS/Inventory-Control Software Brings the Benefits of In-Depth Serialized Product Tracking to the Small Retailer

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Next Evolution Technologies, Inc., has released a streamlined new software program, called NevoRetail™, which for the first time gives small stores the ability to manage their POS and inventory by serialized units to a precision only available before to big chain retailers. Designed for both hard-goods and soft-goods retail stores, its unique technology provides for a versatile suite of never-before-released applications in one package, such as… Document-level tracking of independent product serial numbers for a particular piece of inventory, to a level of detail not found in other software applications available to retailers. It tracks the entire history of the serialized unit, everything that ever happened to it: when it was received; what SKU it came in on; when it was physically inventoried; when it was sold; to whom it was sold; on what receipt it was sold; if transferred, where to; and if and when it was returned to the manufacturer for servicing. Managing product by actual landed costs for each individual serialized unit. When items are received, typical inventory programs will cost same-model product at a calculated average cost, despite the fact that their actual purchase costs may vary. When items are sold, the inventory is relieved at that average value. Because NevoRetail can store the exact dollar amount of an individual serialized item when it landed, it allows for the exact valuation of that specific product throughout its inventoried life cycle. This presents the retailer with a much more specific capability for controlling margins and profits on inventory. Integrated sales order tracking. Where it can sometimes take retailers hours to assemble a complete multi-piece sales presentation, it now can be done in a matter of minutes, complete with selected serial-individualized components. A comprehensive fulfillment module, acting as an inventory replenishment mechanism. This system automatically generates purchase orders for the quantity of inventory that is required at a specific date in the future for a sales order, taking into consideration the current inventory on hand, item-for-item. This ensures all components are in stock when the equipment is ready to be delivered. A package or kit prompt - where required or optional accessories are presented for inclusion with a purchase. Once the purchase is completed, the system automatically adjusts the inventory status for each component item. An internal accounts receivables management program, that stores all customer information within NevoRetail, so there is no delay in accessing your customer’s up-to-the-moment records and balances. All transactions, and balances, take place in real-time. A multi-vendor module, that lets retailers manage their inventory the way they sell it, but also purchase it the way each individual vendor requires product to be ordered. NevoRetail makes the conversions automatically and for every product and vendor. A gift card database set up within the retailer’s own NevoRetail program, that lets the shop owner manage their own gift card processing system totally within their own database, with no need for credit card processing companies, or their attendant fees. NevoRetail is ideal for both hard-goods and soft-goods retailers with under five stores. For hardware requirements with one store, any typical PC will work that runs Windows® 2000 or Windows XP. With more than five users, a dedicated Windows server (Windows 2000, or 2003), with a single-processor Pentium® 4 and 1 gigabyte of memory, may be needed. Pricing starts at $2,500 for one store, including one POS site and inventory. For more information on NevoRetail and Next Evolution Technologies, Inc., please contact Kevin McAdam at One-Step Data, Inc., exclusive distributors of NevoRetail, at 320 West Arden Ave., Suite #110, Glendale, CA 91203; 818-543-4777; Fax 818-242-8599; email kmcadam@onestepdata.com; or visit their web site at www.onestepdata.com

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