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Rothman’s Furniture Stores Purchase Fiberoptic Signs For Sleep Department from Fiberoptic Lighting, Inc.

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Fiberoptic Lighting, Inc. of Grants Pass, OR, designers and fabricators of imaginative fiber optic lighting, displays and signs for nearly two decades, recently created a colorful fiber optic sign that highlights the sleep shop at the Rothman’s Furniture Stores chain, which has 10 locations throughout Metropolitan St. Louis. The sign is ideally suited for furniture retailers and any retailers that sell beds or bedding. The sign design with one’s name or message is also ideally suited for restaurants, nightclubs, bars, and much more, including themed environments and any environment where one wants to convey a relaxed atmosphere. A few items in the furniture business draw repeat customers. Recliners are one area and the bedding department is another. Fiber optic signs imply motion -- so a couch can open into a bed and a chair can be seen in multiple positions. Signs have been made for Jordan Furniture, Helig Meyer, and Levitz to name a few. In the case of Sleep Shop, Rothman's Furniture (Missouri) wanted to highlight their own sleep shop. The whimsical moon is fun to watch. There are stars; a shooting star and a few "R's" appear in the sky, simply because they can and they fit in with the motif of the design. The sign maximizes impact, which leads to more sales and it reinforces brand identity. The ‘Sleep Shop’ sign can be produced in a wide range of sizes and styles. For further information, visit flisign.com or contact Sales Department at Fiberoptic Lighting, Inc. E-Mail: hyla@flisign.com.

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