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Trax Sales Releases Trax™ Visual Proof, The Industry’s First Integrated Traffic Counter And Camera System

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TRAX Sales announced the release of TRAX Visual Proof, an integrated customer traffic counter and camera system that for the first time provides retail stores with 100% accuracy of store traffic count profile by capturing a photo, of every person with hourly time stamp, for viewing at a glance online. This integrated solution allows verification of actual customers vs. employees or vendors for a more precise assessment of the true customer traffic volume and sales closing ratios. It provides visual authentication of overall traffic flow and actual sales opportunities, validation of customer opportunity counts and individual store performance, and review of customer demographics and profiles. In tests, the new TRAX Visual Proof system improved accuracy of traffic counts from the typical 40-80% to a consistent 100%. It also allowed sophisticated, objective analysis of customer demographics that were never before possible with standard counter devices. Data from the system’s reports can be integrated with the store’s sales data to provide instant close ratio reports on a weekly, daily or even hourly basis. These can be viewed online or at the local level. By providing 100% accuracy, TRAX Visual Proof allows the owner or manager to make informed decisions to improve the store’s close ratios and overall sales performance. TRAX Visual Proof is especially suited for big ticket retailers involved in furniture, flooring and rugs, lighting, electronics, appliances, computers, jewelry, apparel, art, musical instruments and other high-end products and services. About TraxSales TraxSales is Houston-based software systems company and manufacturer providing leading-edge customer traffic counting and sales staff management solutions to retail stores and retail chains nationwide. Products include the Trax Traffic Counter, a tri-beam integrated device with automated reporting; Trax Visual Proof, the first integrated traffic counter and camera verification system; Trax Upboard, an automated CRM system that manages sales staff and tracks encounters and close ratios; and Trax Online Upboard, the industry’s first online application for sales staff and CRM management. TraxSales, Trax Traffic Counter, Trax Visual Proof, Trax Upboard, and Trax Online Upboard are trademarks of TraxSales.

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