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Jadora International Furniture & Home Accessories Opens First US Showroom

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Jadora, an international furniture and home accessories company based in San Francisco, opened its first showroom in the United States on July 26th. The stylish 1700 square-foot showroom on Union Street will be home to Jadora’s collection of beautiful and functional Vietnamese-made furniture and home accessories. Jadora was founded in 2003 by Alison Legge, 28, a resident of Sausalito, California. Legge’s concept for Jadora was a simple one - superior craftsmanship, design and functionality resulting in an innovative and sophisticated look to everyday home and commercial furnishings. Says Legge, “My discovery of Vietnam was the catalyst to the founding of Jadora. The French influence on an already defined ancient culture seemed a perfect fit for building an international design company. The possibilities for creating something totally unique seemed endless.” After a year’s work of setting up a team of designers and manufacturers, Jadora was launched at the San Francisco International Gift Fair, where it received an award for “best in show.” Jadora is now exhibited twice a year at High Point, the world’s preeminent furniture show. Jadora’s design and production offices are located in Ho Chi Minh City, with its team of designers and manufacturers working out of the best known and most respected factory in Vietnam. In order to meet the demands of the market, Jadora draws on diverse parts of the world for its production materials and craftsmanship. All of Jadora’s home furnishing products are created by using solid alder and willow wood, or a walnut veneer shipped from the United States. All of its wood is dried to a standard to reduce the likelihood of cracking, lending itself to a sustainability in a variety of climates and locations. Using American wood, Spanish finishes, German hardware, Thai silk, Italian textiles and Vietnamese craftsmanship, Jadora’s product is unmatched. Product line for Jadora includes: Furniture Pillows and Luxury Bedding Lamps Table Runners Wine Holders Swarovski Crystal Place Settings Jadora furniture and home accessories are carried at specialty and fine department stores throughout the U.S., as well as in Kuwait, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.