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Storis' ICALL Software Sends Automated Delivery Messages To Customers

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STORIS Management Systems, a leading supplier of Software Solutions & Services for Big Ticket retailers, announced that their iCALL application is providing outstanding results in retailer’s delivery operations and boosting their customer service. By converting STORIS’ delivery schedules into human voice messages, iCALL informs customers when to expect their merchandise via an automated inbound and outbound call process. Chuck Ghastin, Network Administrator of John V. Schultz in Erie, PA stated, “iCALL has improved our operational efficiency and has helped us to reduce our overhead expenses. With iCALL making all of our delivery calls, we can schedule our outbound calls for a suitable time for our customers to receive their delivery confirmation call. In the past we would make delivery calls between 6pm–9pm, in-between working with customers on the sales floor. Since our employees no longer need to take an active role in the calling process, we can focus 100% of our time on the customers on the sales floor.” iCALL also includes information regarding outstanding C.O.D. payments, and provides inbound order status inquiries and automatic updates to order comments. Ghastin went on to say, “With iCALL there is no chance of human error, therefore our sales order is always accurate as everything is updated automatically.” iCALL has the added functionality of Backorder Fulfillment Notification, which informs customers when their backordered items are in stock. When customer goods arrive, an automated outbound calling process instructs the customer to call back at their convenience or to speak to customer service immediately to schedule their delivery. To improve customer service, iCALL can also perform a post-delivery automated survey, asking customers questions in regards to their satisfaction with their delivery and their new merchandise. iCALL users can tailor the survey questions to their own preference and ask the consumers to rate their answers from 1-5. All responses are stored in the STORIS database, with individual responses stored in the audit comments appended to the customer’s specific sales order. STORIS Management Systems, an IBM Business partner, provides software solutions and services to Big Ticket retailers. Small and large retailers worldwide rely on STORIS to integrate operations, streamline processes and outperform the competition.

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