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Pamela Worley 2006 Collection Receives Prestigious Design Award

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The Pamela Worley Collection, a high-end iron furniture and accessory line, previewed the company’s 2006 collection at the Dallas International Gift & Home Accessories Market at the World Trade Center and was honored with the prestigious Design Innovation Creativity and Excellence (D.I.C.E.) award. The award, which recognizes outstanding new products announced at the design show, is only given to a handful of participants. This has special meaning to the designers and owners of the collection, Pamela Worley-Thoreson and her business partner, Linda Kay Jones, to win an award for the firm’s debut collection. Best described as fin de siecle-inspired iron furniture and accessories for the contemporary manor home, the Pamela Worley Collection was born out of Worley-Thoreson’s love of European detail. Since one-of-a-kind European antiques are hard to find, she moved into designing and manufacturing a line of tables, chairs, screens, candle sticks and sconces. Each piece is filled with architectural detail and eloquence. “I enjoy being around different cultures, and I am inspired by the various styles of architecture I encounter in my travels. I love bringing these architectural details to interior pieces,” said Worley-Thoreson. “Architectural details and eloquence are mixed arts whose end is both beautiful and functional. The architectural feel of my designs adds an elegant picturesque style to modern interiors. The designs work in a multitude of home interiors offering style to any look.” With her business partner’s expertise in international trade, Worley-Thoreson and Jones put together a line using artisans who could manufacture the classic pieces of the Pamela Worley Collection. The experienced factory of artisans, along with the designers, is devoted to quality and the Pamela Worley Collection of building inspiration from the past to beautify the future. The 2006 collection will be officially available on January 20th and can currently be seen by trade professionals on display at The Gabler Group in the Dallas World Trade Center. A list of additional showrooms and representatives will soon be available. Worley-Thoreson and Jones have plans to add a series of beds and accessory items to the line by the time of the official launch debut. For more information on the collection or to receive a catalogue, please visit the company’s Web site at www.pamelaworley.com. About The Pamela Worley Collection Pamela Worley is an innovative newcomer in the furniture design and manufacturing space. With a bent on creating craftsman-quality home furnishings that blend classic European charm with the inspired vision of the contemporary manor home, the Pamela Worley collection is designed to enrich any space. With a steady eye on both form and function, their heirloom pieces exude quality and an attention to detail not often found today. With subtle architectural-inspired elements, the pieces can be used to anchor a room or blend harmoniously in a variety of home interiors. Pamela Worley LLC is headquartered in Dallas, with pieces on display to trade professionals at The Gabler Group located in the Dallas World Trade Center. For additional information, the company Web site can be found at www.pamelaworley.com.

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