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Innovative New "Designer" Home Office ChairMat Design Introduced

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SnapMat Inc., an innovative California-based office furniture company has added a sleek new single piece design to their exclusive line of wooden chairmats. These unique new chairmats add an elegant touch of class to any modern or traditional office/ home office environment. While most chair mats are known to eventually crack or wear through, this new solid single piece wood Snapmat comes with the industry’s first ever Lifetime Guarantee against breaks and cracks. “Under normal usage these attractive and durable new mats are simply indestructible”, said Pierre Klee, a professional carpenter and President of SnapMat, Inc. SnapMat’s new one piece, beveled edge mats are available in several striking finishes: cherry, oak, walnut and sierra grey. Custom colors and sizes are also available. These new mats add an elegant touch of class to any modern or traditional office environment. “This is the ultimate chairmat. It looks good, lasts forever and is priced to be an attractive value.” said Klee. “Our new design is particularly striking and our mats are built to resist impact, scratches, wear, burns and stains. They not only look better, but they are guaranteed to outlast any standard vinyl or plastic mat on the market. From a cost point of view, it’s the best value hands-down. “With smooth, comfortable rolling, these chairmats make every user feel like a top executive.” Klee started the company last year and has watched sales climb as decorators, executives and home office businesses become aware of this attractive, durable and cost-effective way to enhance any office and make that time working at a desk run a little more smoothly. SnapMat wooden chair mats are available in the traditional shape with a lip, or a standard rectangle shape. They come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any office space.

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