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Oriental Accent, Inc. introduces Oscar de la Renta Home Collection at the October International Home Furnishings Market.

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Oriental Accent, Inc. will introduce its licensed Oscar de la Renta Collection at the October International Home Furnishings Market in High Point. According to Oriental Accent Vice President, Michael Yip, “Oscar de la Renta’s world class sense of style is obvious in his namesake Oriental Accent Collection. Updated traditional porcelains in red, yellow, bronze, eggplant, and blue are presented in bold sizes and shapes. They combine with lamps, lanterns and ceiling lighting in a variety of forms and finishes to add elegance and grace to his Collection’s debut.” According to Kerry Glasser, President of Concept Marketing Group, the agent on the program, “We are thrilled with this alliance, and are confident that the hard work invested by Mr. de la Renta and Oriental Accent will result in a collection that the consumer will be proud to own.” The products developed by Oscar de la Renta and Oriental Accent will enhance the themes that de la Renta has created that are reminiscent of his city, country and island homes and lifestyles. The opportunity to combine the styles of accessories that he has in his three homes around the world is a rare opportunity. The broad scope of the project is expected to sustain it over an extended period of time. Oriental Accent will introduce more than 60 SKUs in the debut of the Oscar de la Renta Collection to retail dealers at the October 20-26, 2005 International Home Furnishings Market in our High Point Showroom located in Market Square, MS-G81. Oriental Accent, Inc. is a Chinese family business headquartered in the United States that traces its beginnings to P.K. Chow in Beijing, China in 1880. For more information contact: Lynn Hamilton at 972.488.4663 or 800.951.9005.

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