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La-Z-Boy Kidz follows up on bedding introductions from last market with “Kidz Room in a Box” accessory program

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Last market, Lea Industries enjoyed great success when they introduced Lea and La-Z-Boy Kidz branded bedding ensembles. The seven collections were well received by both Lea and La-Z-Boy Kidz retailers alike. Following that success, Lea is introducing an all new kind of accessory program this market to coordinate with their bedding line. Called “Kidz Room in a Box”, it features seven accessory items in one single box that a shopper can just pick up and carry home on the spot. Included in each box will be a lamp, a clock, a wall hanging, a memo/photo board, a storage box or boxes, a picture frame and a small throw rug. All of the items are coordinated with one or more of the bedding ensembles, allowing the consumer to buy her furniture, her bedding and her accessories in one stop. “No one can argue that today’s consumer is extremely busy, and that’s no more apparent than in the case of busy moms. Our goal was to come up with a new and exciting way for her and her child to completely set the theme of the room quickly, easily and affordably.”, said Johne Albanese, VP-Marketing for Lea. “The “Kidz Room in a Box” will sell for around $199 at retail, a very comfortable price point that is around the same price that a mom would spend if she had to go out and find these items at Target or some other store. But this way, her valuable time is generously respected as is her desire for good taste for herself and her child.” said Earl Wang, VP-Brand Manger for Lea. “Our goal was to create an accessory program that worked well for everyone, including the consumer, the retailer and our company. For the consumer it works as a time saver without sacrificing style or quality. For the retailer, it represents a single sku per collection rather than dozens and dozens of them, and for us it rounds out our entire style story for these groups.”, said Wang. The company will introduce seven accessory collections that coordinate with the bedding ensembles introduced last market. They will be offered under both the Lea and the La-Z-Boy Kidz brands.