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New Consumer Buying Tip Book Looks At Best Known Furniture Retailers

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A new book, "Best Furniture Buying Tips Ever" has been published by Random House. According to Sotheby's-trained, consumer furniture advocate, Consumers' Digest contributor and author, Jennifer Litwin, who spent a year "undercover" visiting more than 500 furniture stores, "Furniture shoppers can get duped by untrained sales clerks and retailers who use hidden practices to sell furniture." She found that most furniture salespeople know very little about the products they sell and create confusion for shoppers. The results of her undercover work can be found in her new book, available at book stores beginning Oct. 11. Litwin concentrated her research on some of the best-known furniture retailers in the country, including: Thomasville, Ethan Allen, Bloomingdales, Marshall Field's, Crate and Barrel and Furnitureland South. Litwin asked retailers questions such as: What makes a sofa expensive? Why is an expensive dresser more valuable than a cheaper model? Why should I pay more? Responses included these misconceptions: -- "Name brands are better than little-known brands" -- "Expensive sofas are always larger " -- "The deeper the drawer, the more expensive the dresser" -- "If it's expensive, it will last longer" "I don't fault salespeople for their lack of knowledge when it comes to pricing, because many of them are following the lead of management," says Litwin. "I do, however, think managers can do a better job of educating their sales staff about basic construction and key features of furniture." Litwin points out that "cherry finish" is often veneer, not solid wood; glued drawers are not as sturdy as dovetailed ones; when a sticker price is lower, shipping, delivering and assembly may not be included. With Litwin's expert techniques, buyers can become well-educated shoppers when purchasing furniture and know that they got the best deal possible! About the Author: Jennifer Litwin is the nation's leading home furnishings and accessories expert and a renowned antiques dealer. Trained at Sotheby's with an MBA from the University of Chicago, she is a contributing writer for Consumers Digest and is also the author of Furniture Hot Spots in which she uses her trademark "chair rating system" to rank furniture stores nationwide. For more information, visit jenniferlitwin.com or call 630/986-8749.

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