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Jonathan Adler Furniture Debuts Second Collection

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The second collection of Jonathan Adler Furniture will premiere at the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, North Carolina. Adler’s first comprehensive collection of upholstered furniture and accent pieces for the home debuted at High Point in April 2005 and is now available at retail stores across the U.S. and Canada. The celebrated interior designer and bon vivant will be in High Point to answer questions about his design inspiration during a press conference on October 20th at 10am in showroom C1058, IHFC. The second collection of Jonathan Adler Furniture includes a total of 16 items and 21 fabrics. The debut of this collection has inspired Jonathan to continue his focus on smaller-scaled, sophisticated, retro-inspired design. And, as Jonathan explained in a recently published interview with Homes & Lifestyles, “I believe in a democratic design ethos and that great stuff doesn’t have to be expensive. I wanted to make couture-like furniture at prêt-à-porter prices.” The 21 new fabrics in the second collection include twelve colorways from the exclusive Sensuede® collection [see below for details], three 100% mohair fabrics in mink, camel and bark woven in the U.S. from the long silky hair of the Angora goat; three cotton-poly blend houndstooth patterns; and three interlocking grid patterns in a cotton-ploy blend. The appearance of Sensuede with the Jonathan Adler Furniture collection represents an opportunity for design enthusiasts to select the industry’s highest-grade suede, which is otherwise not sold directly to consumers. All upholstered pieces are available in any fabric and in a selection of four wood finishes including Americana, chestnut, espresso and honey. The upholstered pieces in the second collection include four new collections and additions to an existing collection: -Bergman Collection of rustic modern upholstery, named after film director Ingmar Bergman -Marcello Collection of Italian 1950’s inspired upholstery, named after actor Marcello Mastroianni -Radcliffe Collection, named after Bette Davis’ character Christine Radcliffe in Deception -Wildwood Collection, named after Dorothy Whitney’s character Mag Wildwood in Breakfast at Tiffany’s -Woodhouse Collection [additions to an existing collection] The accent pieces in the second collection include one new collection and an addition to an existing collection: -Torrance Collection of oiled-walnut veneer and brass accents named after Shelly Duvall’s character Wendy Torrance in The Shining -Channing Collection [an addition to an existing collection] 1 dove-white lacquered, double-mirrored coffee table Individual product fact sheets offer detailed descriptions, suggested retail price and insight into Jonathan’s inspiration for each collection. The 39-year-old designer’s career began when famed NY retailer Barneys placed their first order for his line of groovy, graphic pottery. In 1998, Jonathan opened his first store in SoHo and in addition to pottery, began offering pillows, rugs and lighting as well as vintage pieces he personally sought to accent his own designs. The success of the SoHo store eventually led to the opening of stores on Madison Avenue, in East Hampton, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and forthcoming, in Chicago. Visit www.JonathanAdlerFurniture.com for additional information about Jonathan Adler Furniture and retail locations. About Sensuede®: The Sensuede® group of high performance fabrics were developed to be the best and most luxurious engineered suedes on the market today. Manufactured with the latest technology and with recycled microfibers, Sensuede is the ecological choice in engineered suedes. Sensuede will surpass 200,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek test which is the industry standard for abrasion (wear), so it is perfect for everyday use. Unlike less expensive imitations, the strength of Sensuede is inherent in the product, so it will not require a backing. Sensuede will remain beautiful through years of use as it will neither shrink, pill, wrinkle, nor crock and is resistant to fading under normal residential settings. Sensuede has a soft, smooth, drapable texture. Its luxurious touch is due to the use of recycled microfibers that are finer than a human hair. However, these fibers are extra-strong resulting in a very resilient fabric. Sensuede is water, stain and soil resistant. Most spills simply bead up on the fabric's surface and can be blotted off, or spot cleaned with a damp cloth or soap and water. Sensuede is resistant to mildew and is not attractive to moths. For more information please visit www.sensuede.com

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