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High Point Market Announces "Universal" Buyers Pass & Other Initiatives

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The International Home Furnishing Market Authority (IHFMA) announces initiatives in several areas to elevate the Market experience. Improvements in these areas will be implemented by April. Additional details will follow as they become available. Registration: Market will have a universal buyer pass that will be accepted at all buildings. The goal is for this pass to be made available in a variety of locations. This new system will enable exhibitors to better track show room visitors. Accommodations: Plans are being evaluated for a private housing program that would give Market attendees an alternative to local hotels. Transportation: Strategies are in progress to expand shuttle service to and from the Raleigh and Charlotte airports, as well as mid-day service to hotels. Additionally, the Authority is examining service between the local airport and hotels. Communications: In an effort to keep Market attendees informed of all Market information, various additional communications methods are under consideration. The final result will be a comprehensive communication program to ensure that information about Market is widely distributed and easily accessible to all attendees.

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