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WNDU News of South Bend, IN (http://www.wndu.com) reported that a truck crashed through the wall of the Oak Express store in Mishawaka, IN this past Saturday. The truck drove right onto the showroom floor but nobody was injured. _____________ The Miami Herald (http://www.miami.com) discussed the unusual job of Shlomi Gal-on, also known as "Dr. Sofa" in an article posted to their website on January 22. It seems that Dr. Sofa's job is to help New York apartment dwellers to get oversized furniture to fit into apartments with small stairwells and doorways. The article noted that he cuts "the sofa and other furniture into pieces, move in the parts and reassemble them as if nothing happened. His business is not unusual in New York City, where he has at least five competitors." _____________ China Knowledge (http://www.chinaknowledge.com) noted that the second largest IKEA store will be opened in Wanjing China. The article stated that, "The new store in Wanjing is expected to cost the furniture giant US$100 million for construction and will occupy an area of 44,000 sq m, IKEA’s second largest after the 55,000 sq m Stockholm store." _____________ The Winston Salem Journal reported that Lexington Home Brands plans to keep production of their The World of Bob Timberlake line in the US when they resume its production. It seems that Lexington ceased production of the line earlier this year when it closed a plant in Lexington. The article states that "The closing, which resulted in the loss of 360 jobs, was part of Lexington's plan to ramp up the import component of its wooden furniture to 90 percent..."

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