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Furniture Sales Education Audio Downloads Announced

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FURNITURE WORLD Magazine announced the posting of a new audio file download section in their online store at www.furninfo.com.

The editors at FURNITURE WORLD are in the process of building an audio, DVD and multimedia library of educational products for sales on the furninfo.com site. According to Russell Bienenstock, Editor of the trade magazine that reaches furniture retailers in the US and Canada, "The idea is that store managers can download the files and listen to them on their computers or iPods.

The single store license allows all the salespeople in the store to listen to and review topics such as how to make house calls, selling bedding and store management... over and over. We've just started this project and by the end of next week should have about 45 audio files posted. We are very excited about the potential of this idea that will allow salespeople to make use of downtime at home, while commuting or between UPS."

"In addition, we also sell a new Furniture Product Knowledge course that is web based. Salespeople can access it from any computer, log on and learn about furniture construction, fabrics, etc., " he added. The Furniture Product Knowledge course also allows managers to track individual salespersons' progress. There is a yearly store renewal fee for the service.

Audio files posted to date include: Two part audio series on selling bedding by Dr. Peter Marino. The two Audio MP3 files are each about 50 minutes long.

Ten audio file series on making house calls. Topics include, how to get them, what to bring, how not to waste time, floor plans and how to increase closing percentage and average sale.

Ten audio file series, "The Marketing Of Me" - How to turn customers into lifelong clients with an emphasis on follow-up.

Ten audio files series, "Pass The Power Please" - Sales management topics with an emphasis on hiring and getting the most out if each of your salepeople.

Six audio file series, "Cathy Finney's Dynamite" - Furniture Sales motivation, add-ons, things never to do again and how to enjoy selling furniture. "That's all for now," says Bienenstock, "but we will be expanding the selection of sales skills and sales management audio soon."

About FURNITURE WORLD Magazine's Online Store: Visit www.furninfo.com for more information and click on the red "FW Online Store" button in the left side navigation bar. Furninfo.com currently receives over 150,000 visits and 6 million hits per month.


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