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Jasper Cabinet Announces New Sales Representatives

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Reborn JASPER CABINET Company have hired the following sales representatives: -Steve Kappel is covering the States of Georgia and Northern Florida -Joe and Jeff Hagedorn is covering the states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana -Ron Adelman and Barbara Baxt is covering Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. -Sharon Benjamin covers Chicago Metro. The above representatives were with the former Jasper Cabinet Company. Other sales representatives that have joined Jasper Cabinet Company are: -Rick Lipson covering Ohio -Jim Walker covering Kentucky & Tennessee -Sam Abbott covering Indiana & Outstate Illinois -Frank Misket covering Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas -Sam Schaefer covering Southern California -Roy Schierbaum covering Northern California -The team of Hal Greenberg and Sonja Stanic is covering New York -Michael Barbo covering Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine -Christine Pressley and Eddie Merrell covering North & South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland -Paul Silverman covering South Florida -Bob Bloom covering Michigan and Wisconsin The Company is still looking for sales representation for Texas, the Northwest, Minnesota and The Rocky Mountain States. Jasper Cabinet Company, a manufacturer of domestically made secretaries and decorative hand-painted and laser engraved accent furniture with factories located in Southern Indiana. A proud heritage that extends over 100 years! Contact Robert Cribbs at 616-464-9090 or rhcribbs@iserv.net To view other Jasper Cabinet products, go to www.jaspercabinet.com or call 812-482-4747 for more information.

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