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Oldie But Goodie: 25 Part Series On Home Delivery

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Instead of "beepers" we now use cell phones. Instead of maps, we use GPS. Other than that, furniture delivery hasn't changed all that much in the past 12 years. If  you are taking a critical look at your delivery operations check out this excellent series of articles posted to the furninfo.com site. It is full of useful tips and advice.

Below are a few of the articles in this series. To view them all, just go to www.furninfo.com, click on "Operations Articles" and search for the word "antonoff".

Tie A String Around Her Finger
(Delivering The Goods Series). Tips for alleviating the "not-at-home" and other delivery problems.

Consumer Delivery - Part 14 -Manual Dexterity Revisited
(Delivering The Goods Series). Why you need a written manual for your delivery people.

Consumer Delivery - Part 3 - Set It Up
(Delivering The Goods Series) The finishing touch operation will probably take your men no more than a minute or two. Yet this demonstration of your store's pride and concern never fails to impress customers.

Consumer Delivery - Part 8- Cure For Squeeks
(Delivering The Goods Series) "Oil" your delivery operations with check in calls, immediate problem reports and end of day debreifings.

Consumer Delivery - Part 18 - Delivery A La Carte
(Delivering The Goods Series). Delivering furniture to your best customers to make a lasting impression.

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