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Bedding Education Audio File Sample Download Available

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A 5 minute excerpt of an audio presentation based on Dr. Peter Marino's book can be downloaded at no charge by clicking on the following link.


Peter Marino's  the "Golden Rules Of Selling Bedding" is the gold standard used by retail managers and salespeople to help them sell more bedding.

Dr. Marino has also published numerous articles posted to the furninfo.com site as well as "Stop Losing Those Bedding Sales," a complete training course for retail sales professionals.

The entire audio presentation based on the book is available for sale in the furninfo.com's online store.

Part one of this audio course (MP3 file, 39.5MB, 45 minutes) - $20

Part two of this audio course (MP3 file, 38.2 MB, 41 minutes) $20

From the approach to closing and handling objections, this audio course helps salespeople to sell more bedding with a strategy. Bonus topics include selling bedding for children, for second homes and the guest room.

They can be downladed and played on computer, copied to CD or played and replayed on any MP3 (iPod) device.

In addition to this audio series on selling bedding, "House Calls" by Cathy Finney is an audio file ten part series that can also be downloaded and played on computer or MP3 player (iPod).

A sample of "House Calls" can be downloaded at no-charge  by clicking on the following link:


Salespeople and design associates can listen to this entertaining, practical and motivational series over and over.

According to Contributing FURNITURE WORLD Magazine Editor Cathy Finney, "The in-home house call is where you turn that customer into your client. Why do more house calls? Your closing percentage will soar to over 90% and your average sale will be 3-5 times greater." The program is licensed for single store use. Salepeople can make the best use of their time while commuting or between ups by learning how to "do it right" from one of the best and most experienced sales consultants in the home furnishings business.

All ten audio files in the "House Calls" series can be downloaded from the FW Online Store.

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