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Futon Planet Uses "Reverse Advertising" To Find Vendors

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Futon Planet spends money to gain drop-ship furniture venders. “We think of it as reverse advertising,” says Rima LeBlanc, Vice President of Futon Planet and . “We want quality venders to know we are interested in carrying their products. We have had to turn some companies down,” she admits, “but we have also gained a couple of great product lines. We have a limited number of positions open for contemporary furniture venders who offer drop ship programs. There are still a lot of companies out there with quality products, who have not fostered this way of doing business. If a vender needs help developing a drop ship program, we can help there as well. We believe the growth of our website futonplanet.com will help Futon Planet become the most recognized futon company in the nation within the next 2 years. We also vainly believe that venders who climb onboard with us now, will be poised to make large gains in the near future.” Rima also states that Futon Planet is looking for forward thinking furniture venders who are sharp to find new avenues for growth. “We believe retailers and wholesalers who are slow to adapt to new technologies of this scale may fall by the wayside in the future. We don’t want to keep up with the competition, we want to stay ahead of it.” For more information go to http://futonplanet.com

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