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GRID2 Develops aspenhome™ Identity

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Leading strategic design firm GRID2 International teamed with Aspen Furniture to create a new interpretation of the latter’s brand name, graphic identity and logo – which the Phoenix-based case goods and upholstery manufacturer debuts in its spring advertising campaign and official launch to the trade at next month’s International Home Furnishings Market in High Point. GRID2 and Aspen, which is distributed by Furniture Values International (FVI), conceived aspenhome™ to reflect the company’s whole home product focus to its dealers and to make the brand’s offering more accessible for consumers. An abbreviated logo, ah, was created by GRID2 with contemporary typeface set in a bright green speech bubble. The graphic device is used to give the brand its voice, says Martin Roberts, president, GRID2. “It’s like the surprise reaction consumers have to the many innovative product features that Aspen is known for,” he says, adding, “Or it could be the response one has when surrounded by the furniture that makes a house a home. It’s the sound of relaxation.” Consumers make emotional connections with brands through the senses, including sight, and the visual treatment of brand names and logos are typically the first things they encounter, explains Roberts. “Aspen is a fun company to work with,” he says. “It’s part of their brand DNA and their identity should reflect that. Consumers are eager to believe that fun is part of the furniture shopping experience.” The new name and logo will be phased into informative point of purchase signage, an interactive consumer web site, and in a consumer-focused catalog, also designed by GRID2. “We needed to give our dealers ways to demonstrate the thoughtfully designed features that differentiate our product to their consumers,” says FVI General Manager Bill Colegrove. “The products on the retail floor need to speak up for themselves because we often have exciting features and benefits that go unnoticed by sales associates and consumers alike. A better way to demonstrate these features to our customers was needed, and GRID2 helped us work out these solutions. The experts at GRID2 were catalysts in creating the communication tools necessary for us to do this.” According to Colegrove, the new identity begins a multi-phase re-branding process. ABOUT GRID2 INTERNATIONAL New York City-based GRID2 is an award-winning team of retail consultants, architects, and interior and graphic designers whose primary mission is to help clients in every consumer segment maximize profits through innovative design solutions. For more information about GRID2 and to review the client list, please visit www.grid2.com Martin Roberts is president of GRID2 and a design industry veteran of over 40 years. Among his commercial successes, Roberts’ most respected work is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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