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Retailer Futon Planet Adds Strata Furniture To Its Product Line

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Retailer Futon Planet announced that it has added Strata Furniture brand futon frames to their product line-- sighting a growing consumer demand for high end futon products. “This new line of products will help to bolster our the upscale image we are fostering,” says Rima LeBlanc, Vice President of Futon Planet. “We want consumers who visit http://www.futonplanet.com to come into contact with the most interesting and qualitative futon furniture products in the industry. With futon frames from Strata, we are sure to make a positive impression on our visitors.” Rima also went on to say that the people of Strata made a very good impression on them during the last Vegas show. "…And we are happy to do business with people who show they have integrity and who are truly prepared to go the extra distance for customer satisfaction. In this way, we can faithfully stand behind what we sell at www.futonplanet.com.”

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