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Julius M. Feinblum Launches Furniture Warehouse & Distribution Center Division

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Julius M. Feinblum Real Estate, Inc. is launching a new international division that specializes in locating, negotiating and logistical procedures for furniture warehouses and distribution centers throughout the United States. Mr. Steve Halper, who recently joined our firm, will be appointed President of this new division. Mr. Halper was formerly Chief Operating Officer with Seaman’s and Levitz. Julius M. Feinblum Real Estate, Inc. is America’s largest and foremost real estate brokerage and consulting firm specializing in the furniture industry for real estate. Since 1987, they have worked with furniture retailers and manufacturers to research and secure retail locations throughout the United States. For further information, please contact Julius Feinblum at 1-800- 791-8936. Email jmfrealty@aol.com or info@furniturerealestate.com.

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