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Jasper Cabinet Company To Offer Customized Secretaries

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Reborn Jasper Cabinet Company will be offering new and exciting options for secretaries. Secretaries have been a major seller for the Jasper Cabinet Company. “Not only do we offer 20 different finishes, with hand-painting and laser engraving, the consumer will now be able to select from several different pigeon holes and grill styles of their choice,” says Robert Cribbs, President of the company. “This will further separate us from the imports and other domestic companies.” Our secretaries are being manufactured in our new factory located near Jasper, Indiana. The factory is being operated by the Amish Community of Davies County. “The factory employees came up with the idea”, Cribbs goes on to say, “coming from the high-end kitchen cabinet market, they understand the importance of options.” The program will start with 5-7 different grill styles including solid door panels with laser engraved art. There will be 4 different interior offerings with one created for use with the laptop computer. “Secretaries are very popular items for the Jasper Cabinet Company,” says Robert Cribbs, “now the units are beautiful as well as functional.” To view other Jasper Cabinet products, go to www.jaspercabinet.com or call 812-482-4747 for more information.

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