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Villageois Hires Montreal Based Design Firm To Design New Collections

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The Canadian furniture manufacturer Villageois announced the introduction of two innovative collections for the April High Point Furniture Show. The collections have been designed by Montreal based Arium. Paul Veilleux, Senior Vice President of Villageois, noted that, "The marriage between Villageos and Arium has allowed us to meet new challenges. Villageois is one of the rare Canadian companies specialized in manufacturing top-of-the-line traditional hard wood furniture. We had to work for the first time with an external design firm and had to, in order to meet the market’s new demands, offer products with a more transitional aspect. As for Arium, their challenge was preserve the image and trademark of Villageois, while bringing a new freshness to the company’s products. They also needed to be mindful of maintaining the high quality standards of Villageois while developing a line that will be seen as evolving." The result says Mr. Veilleux are two collections; "Newtown" and "Louisiana" that will stand out from the proliferation of imported introductions shown in High Point this Spring, in terms of their fine detail, quality, value and artful production. NEWTOWN, the transitional collection, will remind consumers of delicately designed jewelery boxes supported by fine and elegant legs. Attention to detail is what will make this line of furniture with its rich truffle color, hard wood components and meticulous detail stand out. LOUISIANA drew its inspiration from from Louis-Philippe d'Orléans (1830-1848). Under Louis-Philippe's influence, furniture lines and angles became more rounded.The focus shifted to the decorative effect of wood. With LOUISIANA, Arium designed a furniture line that looks charming and elegant without compromising its historical roots. The storage units in the collection were designed to respect the demands of today’s consumers for both scale and functionality. More information on Villageois and these introduction can be found at www.villageois.ca

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