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BK Joins RugMark

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Linking fine Italian design with social responsibility, Stile BK recently signed with RugMark Foundation USA. From now on each of the company’s handmade rugs from Nepal will be certified child-labor-free with the RugMark label. Thriving since its 2004 launch by designer and founder, Behrouz Kolahi in Torino, Stile BK is known as the “Italian Designed, Tibetan Made” line, infusing Italian chic with ancient techniques. By experimenting with natural materials such as silk, wool, hemp and nettle and other vegetable fibers, Kolahi produces simple and beautiful forms reflecting a “nomadic” style. Stile BK’s partnership with RugMark represents the company’s commitment to employing rug artisans of legal working age. To ensure transparency, Stile BK agrees to open the doors of its Kathmandu-based factories for random inspections by local Rugmark staff. Ali Nikrooz, President of Stile BK USA, is personally committed to ending forced labor of innocent children and believes consumers share this conviction. RugMark, according to Nikrooz, provides businesses with the necessary tool to do this through its certification and labeling program. “I couldn’t bear the thought of my own child being forced to sit at the loom for endless hours and prevented from going to school,” says Nikrooz. Stile BK’s membership in RugMark also ensures that a portion of its sales go to educate and rehabilitate former child weavers. Today an estimated 300,000 children work in the handmade rug industry in Nepal, India and Pakistan. According to RugMark Executive Director Nina Smith, forced child labor is entrenched in these societies. “Companies must be willing to stand up for weaving communities and insist rugs are crafted without illegal child labor,” she explains. “This is the only way to create permanent change, and we’re proud that Stile BK has joined our effort.” Ending child labor in the handmade rug industry, says Nikrooz, is only possible through collaboration with designers, importers and retailers. “Through our new relationship with RugMark, we hope to partner with retailers and showrooms that share our passion for a better world for children.” About RugMark: RugMark is a nonprofit organization working to end illegal child labor in the carpet industry and offer educational opportunities to children in India, Nepal and Pakistan. The RugMark® label offers the best assurance that no illegal child labor was used in the manufacture of a carpet or rug. To date, over 3,500 children have been freed from the looms and many more have been enrolled in one of 13 RugMark-sponsored schools throughout the region. More information is available by contacting Megan Nelson at megan@RugMark.org, call (202) 234-9050 or visiting www.RugMark.org. About Stile BK: Stile BK is the culmination of founder and designer, Behrouz Kolahi’s, 30 years of experience in the fields of Oriental Rugs, textile design, and architecture. Stile BK works to present the renewal of ancient carpet traditions in confrontation with the present. To accomplish this ancient techniques are used to give form to the modern, versatility of Italian Design. By paying attention to evolving tastes, and with the intent of mixing different cultural perspectives, Stile BK, has created a “nomadic” style, transcending subjects and periods. Stile BK USA is based out of Charlotte, NC and is currently working with retailers and trade showrooms to establish a coast to coast network. For more information, please contact Ali Nikrooz at info@stilebkusa.com, call (704) 819-6972, or visit www.stilebk.com.

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