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Abbyson Releases New Products, Technology this April High Point

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Abbyson Corporation, a premier home furnishings manufacturer and distributor based in Chatsworth, California, is heading to High Point armed with new product and technology. “We are very excited to be in High Point once again,” said Sarah Rahall, Director of Marketing and Sales for Abbyson. “The new rug collections we are introducing are guaranteed to sweep our customers off of their feet.” Abbyson is introducing five new rug collections and hand-knotted rugs. “The designs range from traditional to contemporary, and the color palette is amazing,” said Rahall. “Every new design was hand-picked to cater to our High Point customers.” For the first time ever, Abbyson will release the Cassia, Cadence, Utopia, Heiress, and Isabella collections. Each collection contains anywhere from four to ten designs created with pure Himalayan sheep wool, silk, and pure vegetable dyes. In the proud tradition of all Abbyson rugs, each rug was hand-knotted. “Our unique designs and vibrant colors are what set us apart as a company,” said Jorge Goulden, National Sales Manager. “Owning an Abbyson rug is like owning a piece of history, because each rug is created by hand.” Abbyson is also heading to the April High Point Market armed with many powerful new marketing tools and programs, including the Abbyson interactive DVD and a prototype of a ground-breaking custom rug design system. “The DVD and custom design software are tools that will help our customers increase their sales and make buying easier for them,” said Sarah Rahall, Director of Marketing and Sales. “They were designed so that we can serve our customers with the technology that is available to us.” The DVD, named the Abbyson Interactive Multi-media DVD (AIMD), features a catalog of all Abbyson products along with company information. The most impressive feature, however, is the rug weaving video filmed in Abbyson’s Tibetan factories and the surrounding area. “We strongly believe that the AIMD program demonstrates the value of our products,” said Yavar Rafieha, Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “Why are Abbyson products different? This DVD answers that question. It tells the story behind each rug and communicates the history behind the Tibetan culture and its weaving process.” In addition to releasing the AIMD program at the upcoming winter market, Abbyson is also introducing a prototype of a revolutionary new custom rug design program: the Abbyson Design Center. “The Abbyson Design Center allows customers to choose from over 200 colors and apply them to many Abbyson rug patterns,” said Rafieha. “This program is extremely versatile, user-friendly, and will revolutionize the way we work with designers and resellers.” Abbyson’s new rugs, DVD, and design program will be on display during the High Poitn Market, IHFC Design Center, 3rd Floor, Space D-337. For more information about Abbyson Corporation, log on to www.Abbyson.com or call (800) 600-7729.

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