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Reasearch Study To Probe Changing Market For Art & Wall Decor

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Do You Need to Know about the Art, Wall Decor, Picture Frame and Custom Framing Markets? Seeking sponsor for Consumer insights study by Unity Marketing In 2005 the typical luxury consumer's spending on art and antiques declined by nearly 40 percent, down from an average of $14,671 in 2004 to $8,962 in 2005. Because the luxury consumers (household incomes of $75,000 and above) represent the primary market for today’s art and framing marketers and retailers, Unity Marketing is undertaking a new consumer insights study to discover how the total market for art and framing is changing in light of emerging competition for consumers’ discretionary spending. The Art Market Is Changing — Is Your Company Ready for the Future? The traditional market for art is shifting as consumers find better quality art reproductions more widely available in home furnishing and discount department stores at very attractive prices. On the other hand, affluent consumers are trading up to original art from cheaper reproductions, as they view the art they display on their walls as a collection, rather than simply decoration. In the world of custom framing, new competitive pressures are also at work. Craft and hobby stores have encroached upon the lucrative custom framing market with a vengeance. They offer discount prices for custom framing services that consumers perceive as too expensive in the small ‘mom-and-pop’ custom framing stores that used to dominate the business. Further, ready-made frames in an expanded range of sizes and designs are giving consumers’ permission to do-it-themselves. All these factors are coming together to make the business of selling art reproductions and custom framing more challenging. Unity Marketing plans on conducting a new consumer insights study to understand the new trends in this market and is calling for companies to sponsor this important research study. For more information, click this link: www.unitymarketingonline.com/reports2/art/art_insights_reg.html Methodology A quantitative survey among 1,000 recent purchasers of art, wall decor, frames and custom framing will be conducted. The sample will be selected to be representative of the U.S. population in terms of income, age and gender. Topics to be Investigated With a focus on consumers, their buying behavior, needs, desires and preferences, this research study includes research data and statistics about: Art, Wall Decor, Frame and Framing Market Size and Growth: What is the size of the overall art, wall decor, frame and framing markets? How rapidly is it growing? How is the market segmented by type of product purchased? Demographics of the Market: What are the demographic characteristics of people who buy art, wall decor, frames and custom framing? What are the key demographic differences found among and between buyers of the different product segments (e.g., gender, age, generation, HHI, size, composition, ethnicity/race, education, etc.)? Art, Wall Decor, Frame and Custom Framing Buying Behavior: What are the primary characteristics of the consumers’ buying behavior related to these products in general and each product segment in particular (e.g. art, wall decor, frames, and custom framing)? Why do they buy these goods and how do consumers’ motivations different by product category segment? Where do they shop for the different types of products; what factors influence their decision making; how much do they spend buying each of the products segments and across the entire category? What is the role of brand in product selection and shopping choices? How do different demographic segments differ in their shopping and buying behavior? Psychographic Profile and Segmentation of the Art Markets: A psychographic profile of the art and custom framing buyers is developed in this report. The profiles identify different types or personalities of consumers of art and custom framing. These profiles identify different drives and motivations found among consumers in purchasing these products; what factors are more or less important in driving their purchasing decisions; and how art and framing marketers and retailers can better understand the hearts and minds of their consumers. In essence, we will discover “why people buy art and custom framing.” Deliverables Research sponsors will provide input for topics of investigation in the survey and review the survey questionnaire prior to fielding. Their key product categories will be included in the survey questionnaire, as will their brands and key competitors’ brands in the brand awareness and usage section of the survey. Upon completion of the survey fielding, sponsors will receive a topline summary of the major findings which will include a cross tab report of all questions reported by gender, age, generation, and income. Sponsors will also receive a final copy of the Art, Wall Decor, Frame and Custom Framing Report as soon as it is published. Unity plans to conduct the research and publish the report during June-August 2006. Research Sponsorship Fee: $2,500 (through June 2006) Contact: Pam Danziger, pam@unitymarketingonline.com or call 717-336-1600.

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