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STORIS Announces the Release of the Robust Revision 8.2

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STORIS Management Systems, a leading supplier of Technology Solutions & Services for Big Ticket retailers, recently announced the release of Revision 8.2, available as of May 1, 2006. Revision 8.2 is an enhanced version of STORIS’ windows based product Vision R8 which was released in the summer of 2003. STORIS noted that, new and existing STORIS clients can expect vigorous enhancements, streamlined functionality and groundbreaking additional applications to an already efficient, reliable and robust system. Revision 8.2 includes numerous new applications including: A Forms Designer allowing users to create their own sales and shipping documents without creating custom code; A Report Viewer enabling users to customize views of STORIS reports with no programming required; The file attachment feature allowing any Microsoft compatible document to be linked to a product or sales order line item record; An Executive Dashboard allowing management to obtain real time information on top performing categories and locations via an attractive “dashboard.” iCall and eSTORIS companion applications have also been enhanced to work seamlessly helping retailers deliver superior efficiency and customer service with order fulfillment. Online help interface assists users with all integrated applications, shortening training time for management. Doug Culmone COO of STORIS stated, “Revision 8.2 is an easy to use, powerful, flexible application that will provide retailers with unprecedented business stability. We feel strongly that Revision 8.2 will change the way retailers look at software and raise the bar on expectations.” STORIS clients upgrading to 8.2 should expect increased functionality on existing applications, building on the intuitive process flows already present in Release 8.1. End-of-day processing has been enhanced with additional exception reporting and staff records have even more security restraint definition to be brought to specific user levels. Vision R8’s menu screens have been improved to allow for easier navigation through the system and the new ‘Fast key’ function provides quick access between virtually all STORIS programs - at the click of a button. Overall, STORIS clients have been impressed with the improvements and advancements of the release. Lexington Home Brands, the beta site for Revision 8.2, had positive feedback on their experience with the upgrade process as well as the new functionality contained in the release. IT Director of Lexington Home Brands, Rick Aaronson stated, “In addition to critical additions such as Fast Cash and Forms Designer, what impressed us most was the integration of Third Party Financing. This integration will allow us to perform financial transactions in one simple step rather than going through the timely process of two separate transactions. This will increase productivity and accuracy allowing for greater security over cash control.” By simply placing a help-line call, existing clients can request an upgrade to start reaping the benefits and efficiencies Vision 8.2 will bring to their retail operation. Culmone concluded by saying, “We are all very excited about STORIS’ newest release Revision 8.2. The revision is another indication of our strong commitment to giving our users a competitive edge.” STORIS Management Systems, an IBM Business partner, provides technology solutions and services to Big Ticket retailers. Small and large retailers worldwide rely on STORIS to integrate operations, streamline processes and outperform the competition.

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