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Daniel Lynch Sales Company Appoints Sales Coodinators

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The Daniel Lynch Sales Company has appointed the following gentlemen as Sales Coordinators: Tim Finnigan, Ron Sizemore, Douglas Dowell, Lee Nordgren, Harold Brown and Kent Bolt. All have extensive experience in the furniture industry as retailers or manufacturers. Each has a background in marketing and management. Their primary responsibility will be to facilitate and implement a 92 year old Sales Event Campaign, developed and copyrighted by the Daniel Lynch Sales Company, specifically for upper market retail furniture stores. "With the demand for our Re-merchandising and Remodeling Sales rising, we recruited and hired what we consider to be some of the best talent in promotional retailing. We seek the type of individuals who possess the integrity our clients are proud to be associated with on a business and social level," said Chris Lynch, Co-CEO of Daniel Lynch Sales. "The quality of our personnel is what has made us successful and explains why we are seeing a substantial rise in repeat business" added Lynch. The Daniel Lynch Sales Company was established in 1914 as the nation's first Sales Promotion Firm specializing in Relocation, Remodeling, Retirement, Remerchandising and Consolidation Sales Events. It provides complete advertising campaigns, sales personnel, private label supplemental inventory and training programs for its medium to upper end retail furniture clients throughout the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

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