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GERS Retail Systems, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions, today announced that they have entered into marketing and system integration agreements with ApprovalWare, Inc., a Mt. Kisco, NY-based provider of multi-lender / multimedia credit "decisioning" technology within the retailing, mortgage, telecommunications, and healthcare sectors. Both companies will be demonstrating their latest software applications at the Las Vegas Furniture Market, July 24th through 28th, 2006. Creative Business Decisions (CBD), the provider of the analytics support and credit scorecard management services within the ApprovalWare platform, offers solutions that are in use throughout the world. CBD currently provides or has provided the decisioning backbone for companies as diverse as Citibank, Lack's Furniture, Mercedes-Benz of North America, Littman's Jewelers, and Verizon–where CBD's credit and collections scorecards facilitate every mobile and land-line credit and collections decision that Verizon makes today throughout the U.S. The benefits of the ApprovalWare-GERS solution for retailers include: - Easy-to-use, browser-based software within a highly secure environment - Consumer credit applications customized by state and lender - Real-time interfaces with credit data repositories - Custom credit scoring functionality (supported by CBD), and internal portfolio management capabilities - Full integration within the GERS system - "Soft-pull" credit data which enables the retailer to fully decision consumer credit prior to shopping - Open-to-buy and down payment data decisions, also determined by CBD, that are modulated to each customer's credit profile - Advanced, single-click forms management, data input, and custom-calculation capabilities - A variety of additional tools and services unique within the retail consumer credit sector Bob Swern, COO and President of ApprovalWare, commented, “CBD’s analytics and decisioning solutions are known the world over, and within the home furnishings industry for their significant return on investment. Locked and loaded into the freely-licensed ApprovalWare environment, we are delighted that we may now deliver our combined, innovative efficiencies to users of the GERS platform, the most popular software management tools in use in furniture retailing today.” Roy Martin, product manager for GERS Retail Systems stated, "ApprovalWare, loaded with CBD's analytics and scorecards, now allows GERS' users to deliver more credit via more channels to a greater portion of their customer base than ever before. ApprovalWare makes it possible for a retailer to easily mix credit products from multiple sources into one solution right at the register." During Las Vegas Market Week, GERS will be demonstrating their solutions in the World Market Center, 2nd Floor, Space #210. The ApprovalWare-CBD solution is available for customized seminar demonstrations during Market Week by appointment only. The ApprovalWare-CBD strategic partnership is sponsoring a special promotion during the week. Simply set up an appointment at least one day in advance; attend the demo, and you’ll receive a complimentary dinner for two* at a leading Las Vegas restaurant. Call (917) 656-7981 or (609) 558-2404 for details and to set up an appointment. Promotion is subject to schedule availability. Limitations apply. *Seminar attendees must be senior managers or owners of an established home furnishings business to qualify for this promotion. About ApprovalWare, Inc. ApprovalWare software provides the world's first fully compliant and freely licensed, real time, multi-lender, multimedia (online, on the phone and at point of sale), credit decisioning and transaction platform. The company delivers full, front-end business solutions that include integration to a business' legacy systems within the retailing, mortgage, healthcare, telecommunications, CRM, and online/eCommerce sectors. In addition to delivering an array of pre-integrated, third-party lender solutions, ApprovalWare also provisions a suite of tools that enable retailers to comprehensively make credit decisions and manage their own customer finance portfolio in real time at the register. Extensive, single-click forms creation, data calculations, and business process automation create unique efficiencies throughout the software application’s single-entry data input model. ApprovalWare software licenses are free. Users of the highly secure platform pay for their access to it on a per-transaction basis. The company's headquarters are located at 40 West Main Street, Mt. Kisco, New York. Additional information about the company is available online at: http://www.approvalware.com email: info@approvalware.com. About GERS Retail Systems GERS Retail Systems is a leading supplier of software solutions for consumer-centric retailing. By facilitating the real-time flow of transactions and information across the entire retail organization, our solutions enable retailers to consistently anticipate, understand, and fulfill their customers' expectations for products that are priced, located, and timed to provide the optimal shopping experience. GERS solutions manage the merchandising life cycle, multi-channel selling, planning, business intelligence, and supply chain synchronization to create a great customer experience. For more information, visit www.gers.com. About Creative Business Decisions Creative Business Decisions, Inc. specializes in developing credit management decision and control tools for banks, retailers, and other credit grantors. Since 1982, the company has developed over 500 statistical models for use in evaluating new applicants, tracking the paying/charging behavior of existing accounts, and prioritizing collection activities. The company manages each project based on the client's specific business objectives and tailors their development process to meet the client's goals. The company's website is located at: http://www.cbdcredit.com.

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