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Elite Home Theater Seating Announces Layout Design Service

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Elite Home Theater Seating, a manufacturer of high-end home theater seating, recently announced the launch of their “Layout Design Service” division which offers complimentary Home Theater Planning. “5 years ago, the idea of a dedicated home theater was very foreign to most new home builders. However now it is a must have.” says local realtor Heather Grant. “Almost every high end home now includes a home theater and a lot of times it can clinch the sale.” she adds. Over the last few years, it also seems as though the definition of a home theater room has changed as well. “It used to be kind of a guy thing before, with maybe a couple of poofy overstuffed recliners and a big screen tv. But now, many women are an integral part of the design process.” says Interior Designer Meena Mizrahi. “Most of my recent clients have allocated a significant amount of their budget to their home theater. $50,000 to $100,000 is quite common. It’s almost as if the home theater sometimes takes precedent over the rest of the house. It’s Crazy.” Theme theaters such as Egyptian, Art Deco and even a “Pirates of the Caribbean” theater are quite common. Riding the home theater wave, is Vancouver, BC based Elite Home Theater Seating, a manufacturer of high-end, European styled home theater seating. “To accommodate the growing needs of Interior Designers, Architects and Home Builders, we have now created a dedicated division that provides them with Layout Design Services for their home theater projects.” says company founder and CEO Bobby Bala. “This includes a virtual blueprint of the room which includes factors such as recommended seats per row, aisle allocation, riser height, and optimum distance from the screen.” In addition to Layout Design Services, Elite Home Theater Seating also offers designers and their clients the unique ability to customize their theater seating by visiting the slick new Elite HTS interactive website. Numerous contemporary styles, fabrics and colors can be configured at www.elitehts.com In comparison to traditional home theater furniture, Elite HTS offers more of an elegant, European line of seating that is strategically designed to be appealing to both sexes. Elite Home Theater Seating will be exhibiting their new line of theater seating at this years Las Vegas Market from July 25th to July 28th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Booth S64828.

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