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Comfortech USA Introduces Memory Foam Adjustable Massage Bed At Vegas Show

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Designed to maximize consumer comfort and wellness using state-of-the-art technology, Comfortech USA introduced the new Memory Foam Adjustable Therapeutic Massage Bed, at the World Market Center Furniture Show in Las Vegas. The firm is showing its line this week at Showroom #314 in the World Market Center in Las Vegas. The new Memory Foam Adjustable Therapeutic Massage Bed offers easier access for reading and watching television without disturbing a partner. It delivers a powerful massage for relaxing therapy, reduces body aches through relief of pressure points, and increases blood circulation for better sleep. Combining flexibility, resiliency and durability, the massage bed is crafted with a “memory foam mattress” that molds to the shape of the entire body through body heat while you sleep, naturally and evenly. It features a three-inch top layer of Memory Foam to relieve stress, which is supported by six inches of high density, premier Memory Foam underneath. The bed’s powered adjust functions allow elevation of the back to enjoy reading or watching television. It can also elevate both the back and legs together, to support the entire body weight evenly. The third option is to raise just the legs, to take the pressure off the lower back while increasing blood circulation. The power functions offer High, Medium and Low vibration modes for back and leg vibration massage. It eliminates the need for tossing and turning, and increases blood circulation for a deep, rejuvenating sleep. The bed is 85 inches long, 42 wide, and 31 1/2 inches deep. The firm retains Showroom #314 in the World Market Center in Las Vegas, and is located at 126 North Centennial Street in High Point, North Carolina 27260. ComforTech USA is based in Riverside, California. For more information, contact IRA OSMAN, VICE PRESIDENT OF SALES, Tel. 1.800.758.0742. Email: IRAJOSMAN@YAHOO.COM.

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