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April Cornell Announces the Grand Re-Opening of Three Signature Retail Stores

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April Cornell announces the September re-opening of three April Cornell retail stores in New York, Philadelphia and Burlington, Vt. The re-openings are a part of the company’s transition from a mass-merchandising business model for its retail stores to a boutique retail format that provides tailored customer experiences. The stores selected for re-opening were the first three to open when the company began retailing in 1981. “We chose these three locations because they are our longest running stores and already have a large client base,” says April Cornell, the Founder of Chief Designer of her self-titled company. “They’re also within manageable distances from our own hometown, so we’ll be able to nurture them closely, creating truly individual and unique destinations. Our stores began as boutique shops, so this transition is essentially a return to our beginnings and a reflection of who we are.” In 2004, the company began seeking category-leading licensing partners that provide consumers with a comprehensive selection of lifestyle products. With a library of more than 30,000 art images and a tremendous desire to continue to create and design, April Cornell is choosing to diversify her brand to encompass both retail and licensing channels. April Cornell designs are showcased in products by vendors including Danica/Now Designs, Manual Woodworkers, Moda Fabrics and Silvestri. According to Chris Cornell, April’s husband and President of April Cornell Holdings, the retail locations will be a showcase for design activities, licensees and April Cornell products all under one roof. “These three stores give us a direct-response environment where we will get feedback from our classic customer,” says Chris Cornell. “April loves her customers. She thrives on interaction with them, and these stores will give her the opportunity to do that.” “We’ve received stacks of mail from customers urging us to reopen our stores,” says April. “They want to continue living the artistic life. Many customers saw our stores as a sanctuary where they could live that life. It was a place for therapy. We’re delighted to announce that the therapy will continue!” The retail stores will carry many of the April Cornell products that have been traditional company “strengths” – such as linens, children and ladies’ clothing, intimate apparel, and Indian-influenced furniture and giftware items – in addition to April Cornell licensed products. Customers will be delighted to know that the products will continue to feature the signature designs of the colorful April Cornell prints. The Cornells also plan to introduce even more freshness and youth to the stores as their son, Cameron Cornell, and daughter-in-law, Camille Daunno, take on the operations and design of the retail locations. “A family-run business becomes like an extension of the family,” says Camille. “So you’re excited whenever it expands, the same excitement that occurs with a new baby or a wedding. Our customers appreciate that April Cornell is a family-run business. We’ll be bringing in newness while keeping our loyal customers in mind with the return to boutiques, the return to our roots.” “The re-openings are a rebirth,” says April. “We’ll be maintaining our traditions and I know that our loyal customers will feel that the stores are more their stores than ever. It’s the direction they would want us to take.” About April Cornell Holdings Ltd.: April Cornell Holdings Ltd. is the parent company for the April Cornell brand and its registered trademarks and copyrights. Since entering into its first licensing partnership with Silvestri in June 2004, April Cornell is engaged with these additional licensing partners: C&F & Gallery II; Danica/Now Designs; Homefires; Leanin' Tree; Manual Woodworkers; Moda Fabrics; Pimpernel USA Inc.; Ronnie Sellers; and Silvestri. April Cornell’s designs have been influential in the industry over a significant length of time. April has become a movement and a look in the home and fashion industry. She remains an industry reference point because of her color palettes and floral interpretations.

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