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Norwalk Furniture Hires Former UPS Executive

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Former UPS executive, Rick McKirahan, has recently joined Norwalk Furniture Corp. to oversee the furniture manufacturer’s operations based in Norwalk, Ohio. As Vice President of Strategic Planning & Operations, McKirahan will assume a multi-faceted role. He will oversee and manage all aspects of production, transportation, product development and supply chain, including sourcing, purchasing, logistics and inventory. McKirahan’s primary role is to drive the company’s three-to-five year strategic plan – all the while improving upon and guiding overall business processes. “He is an ambassador to change,” says Jim Gerken, president and CEO of the company. “We see him taking Norwalk from point A to B. Our vision for growth at the retail level empowers him to start with business processes that are in need of being re-engineered.” Also, much of McKirahan’s role revolves around sustaining the company’s current upholstery business. “Jim has a fantastic vision,” says McKirahan of Gerken, “and he’s bringing in the right people to help support and drive that vision.” One such hiring is McKirahan’s wife, Deb, who offers an extensive background in merchandising and has previously worked for Norwalk Furniture. McKirahan comes from a 22-year tenure with UPS, where he climbed the corporate ladder, from a part-time employee to vice president of business development for the Asia Pacific region based in Singapore – a role that ultimately landed him in the driver’s seat at Norwalk. While at UPS, McKirahan developed an expertise in business process management assisting the company’s literally thousands of corporate accounts. Since joining the Norwalk team, McKirahan has already begun to make changes. “Norwalk is a 104-year-old business that has made a name for itself in custom craftsmanship and high quality design…customers get exactly what they want,” says McKirahan. “This is what the company is built on and that is something we don’t ever want to change. However, we want to leave the door open to expanding on these core competencies…taking the company’s current capabilities and product assortment that much further at the retail level.” While working his way up at UPS, McKirahan attended Milliken University in Decatur, Illinois. He earned a bachelor degree in marketing in 1984. Originally from central Illinois, McKirahan resides in Sandusky with his wife. The couple recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. For more information on Norwalk Furniture, a leader in custom upholstered seating, go to www.norwalkfurniture.com.

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