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La-Z-Boy Chooses Myriad Software's New Data Exchange Module

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La-Z-Boy has selected Myriad Software’s new data exchange module for its Hammary division to send product catalogs to dealers with no transaction fees. The Hammary division will also use the data exchange module as its version of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), sending and receiving orders, acknowledgments and shipping notices, and accounts payable invoices. The furniture manufacturer plans to expand the new module’s use into its La-Z-Boy upholstery division in the very near future. According to Otis Sawyer, senior vice president of operations for a La-Z-Boy division, the company’s goal is to make doing business with La-Z-Boy as easy as possible for its dealer network. “One way to accomplish this task,” says Sawyer, “is to work with our software providers to make data exchange between La-Z-Boy and our dealer partners simple and reliable. We believe that the data exchange tool developed by Myriad goes a long way toward fulfilling this commitment.” Myriad’s new program offers the same capabilities as EDI and many other business-to-business solutions; however, it goes well beyond typical EDI capabilities. The data exchange module enables furniture manufacturers and retailers to send any type of information electronically, including the largest files, like product catalogs, digital and graphic files, as well as marketing information that requires analysis. And while most EDI solutions charge a fee for each transaction, which can be further increased to include a monthly charge at both sending and receiving ends of the line, Myriad’s data exchange module works with no transaction fees. Regardless of the file size, there is no transaction cost. For retailers with dealer programs, like La-Z-Boy, that rely on up-to-the-minute catalogs, the data exchange module is the most cost-effective, time-efficient means to deliver those catalogs. It’s also the best way to maintain product and pricing updates regularly, providing dealers with immediate information as often as needed. “Any dealer-based program that communicates through a product catalog, EDI transactions or large files with Myriad clients can follow La-Z-Boy’s lead,” says Carolyn Crowley, Myriad Software’s president. “Our Myriad clients can use the data exchange module to cut out the middleman charge,” continues Crowley. “Also, our clients that need to send and receive substantial amounts of information with a manufacturer can do that at minimal cost. “Manufacturers can benefit from our data exchange module, too,” she says. “We can relay their catalogs, EDI transactions and any large files to Myriad clients that use their product line.” With catalogs, once the file has been transferred by the data exchange module, the dealer or retailer has a comprehensive product profile that includes sizes, weights, options, finishes, pictures and more. Creating merchandise tags is simple. So is keeping sales staff informed. Because product and price changes can be sent electronically overnight, store staff can have accurate details daily. They can be in a better position to answer customer queries and to close sales. A year of big developments for Myriad In addition to the data exchange module and XML product catalog, Myriad is developing a wireless executive management addition to its Browser module and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) component this year. The executive management module provides retailers with wireless access to business finances, accounts payable and receivable, inventory and more from any location in the world. The new CRM component enables retailers to generate e-mails automatically, using, for example, a store sale or special event date to trigger an e-mail blast to customers. Myriad Software’s client base ranges from independent retailers doing $1 million and growing to $100 million. In addition to La-Z-Boy, the company’s business system has also been selected by Norwalk Furniture, Bassett Furniture Direct, Thomasville Home Furnishings and Lane Home Furnishings dealer programs. For more information, contact Myriad Software at 800-676-4243 or go to sales@myriadsoft.com.

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