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University Loft Receives New "Graduate Series" Trademark

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University Loft Company, a world leader in the contract furniture market, which has had great success in the retail and hospitality markets, has recently received a trademark on one of its most popular retail bed series. The Graduate Series trademark is now registered on the Principal Register in connection with the following goods: furniture, namely bedroom furniture including, beds, bed frames, desks, night stands, bookcases and dressers. The registration for the Graduate Series trademark, registration number is 3,082,045, will be valid for the next ten years, and then will be renewable for additional periods of ten years for as long as the Graduate Series is in existstance. University Loft Company’s Graduate Series offers endless possibilities to maximize space for storage and sleep, from the twin bed to the Triple Lindy Loft. These numerous configurations can be seen on University Loft Company’s website at http://www.uloft.com. University Loft Company was founded in 1986 by James Jannetides while attending the University of Southern Illinois. James built a loft for his room to maximize space in his typically small dorm room. Other students admired his loft system, and that summer James invested his savings in enough wood to build 400 loft units. Upon returning to school, these high-demand lofts were sold to fellow students and that’s where ULC was born. Today, ULC manages more than 1,200 university accounts per year, including the elite Yale University and John Hopkins University. University Loft Company is considered a leader in the government sector and retail division, as well. ULC has been recognized by winning the Blue Chip Enterprise Award, 25 Fastest Growing Company in Indiana, and The Growth 100 in Indiana awards. James Jannetides was voted in the 1999 40 under 40 award in Indianapolis and was recognized as the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Manufacturing. Committed to providing a superior product with an unmatched service level, University Loft Company is the leader in the contract furniture industry.

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