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Marketing Experts Launch Home Decor Trends Tracking Service

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November 2006 Design Research Reports Inc and Gwen Toma Home Holiday LLC announced the introduction of Home Furnishings Monitor™, a trend-tracking service that reports and forecasts American interior and outdoor home décor market trends. Home Furnishings Monitor offers the home furnishings industry a quantitative and qualitative approach to trends. “HFM™ is grounded by an empirical database that identifies and forecasts trends from 2000 through 2008,” says Rick Babick, president of Design Research Reports Inc. “We rely on statistical methods to analyze empirical data relating to product, material, color, style, pattern and pricing.” HFM gives context to the world of home furnishings, providing a quantitative index to product offerings in leading home décor catalogs and to trend editorials in leading shelter publications. “We designed HFM to offer the industry an essential and accurate design, product development and business planning tool,” explains Gwen Toma, president of Gwen Toma Home Holiday LLC. “We identify and illustrate emerging, declining and future trends with factual graphs and charts, compelling qualitative analysis and full-color pictorials of the trends.” The inaugural Home Furnishings Monitor 2008™ is a comprehensive trend portfolio that encompasses more than 17,000 products within the home décor market. It features more than 200 pages of home trends, including 90+ charts, 700+ color images and Trend Watch 2008. HFM’s inventive classification systems are flexible, dynamic and evolve and grow with the trends. HFM tracks trends across 23 product categories and 160 product types, 163 materials, 11 leading patterns and retail and promotional pricing. It features a hierarchy of six major style categories supported by 34 types that reflect the most prevalent American home furnishings themes and styles, relating to lifestyle, design period and region or country of influence. HFM’s exclusive color classification system classifies hundreds of key colors based on the color wheel, the painter’s palette and current interior design color trends that cross reference PANTONE® Textile Specifier colors. Home Furnishings Monitor offers a variety of products/reports and services. For more information on Home Furnishings Monitor, call (609) 896-1108 or visit www.homefurnishingsmonitor.com. Design Research Reports Inc is a research and marketing consulting service committed to providing our clients with the timeliest and most accurate market intelligence available. Our focus is the Home Furnishings, Decorative Accessories, Giftware and Luxury markets. Gwen Toma Home Holiday LLC is a marketing, design and product development consulting firm that provides a one-stop shopping experience for new and established businesses. We specialize in developing and marketing consumer gifts and home décor brands.

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