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Genesis Software Introduces "The Manager's Dashboard"

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Genesis Software Systems has rolled out a powerful new program feature called “The Manager’s Dashboard.” This significant new addition to Genesis Advantage assembles a variety of important facts, figures, and action points onto single easy-to-read screen. The Manager’s Dashboard was intially visualized as a way for a store manager to keep tabs on business operations with a minimum amount of effort. An ensuing collaboration between Genesis Software and several of its long time users yielded a new program option that does more than just let a store manager monitor the status of the business. It also provides key action points so that an owner or manager can take immediate proactive steps to keep things running smoothly. The following is a partial list of the facts, figures, and action points provided by The Manager’s Dashboard: - Special Order Items Past Due (Displays the quantity) - Items That Need to Be Re-Priced - Items Missing From The Sales Floor - Average Daily Sales This Month - Average Daily Sales Needed To Meet This Month’s Goal - Best Performing Salesperson This Month - Current Bank Balance - Payables Due Within User Defined Time Period - Receivables Due The store manager can also drill down on the data displayed in The Manager’s Dashboard to see the details. For example, clicking on the number of past due special order items pops up a detailed report listing items that are past due. The store manager can then use the exclusive Active Reporting features is Genesis to customize, print, export, e-mail, fax, or save the report. The Manager’s Dashboard is shipping with Version 6.0 of Genesis Advantage (from Genesis Software Systems). Genesis is the world’s best selling Windows based furniture software program. It is presently installed in more than 1,100 furniture stores across the United States, Canada, and Europe. For more information on this new feature go to www.genesis4windows.com.

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