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Dormia Unveils Next Generation "Cool Gel" Mattress In Las Vegas

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Dormia, an innovator in the design and marketing of alternative mattresses and bedding products, has introduced the “Cool Gel” Mattress as part of its lineup at the Las Vegas Furniture Market. The Mattress features the next generation of sleep technology – a full body layer of cool gel just below the surface of the bed. This cutting edge technology comes after a year of research and development working with key players from the medical field, and results in superior pressure relief, improved conformity, better support a cooler sleep surface. The full-body gel pad actually reacts to the sleeper’s body by flexing, conforming and eliminating pushback and counter pressure. The visco-elastic polymer gel pad rests atop a support core of high density foam for superior contouring support. “The unique elastic properties of “Cool Gel” envelop the sleeper regardless of their weight or shape to offer a fuller, more comfortable rejuvenating night’s rest than anyone has ever experienced,” said Dormia President & Chief Executive Officer Michael Zippelli. According to Zippelli, the “Cool Gel” layer addresses the second most important issue for a good night’s sleep and that is temperature. “Having a cool sleeping surface combined with pressure relief will be the next wave in the industry. We have always been huge advocates of high performance foam, but a cool sleeping surface really excites us. The full body “Cool Gel” pad dissipates heat like no other material in any mattress made.” Dormia’s sleep systems are designed to help customers receive the maximum benefit out of each and every night’s sleep. Its mattresses are constructed with the finest components from around the world including: all natural covers, New Zealand lambs wool, visco-elastic memory foam, Talalay Latex and a unique multi-zone latex core. The company offers enhanced features such as a quilted mattress top and deluxe combination models that are comprised of memory and latex foam, as well as adjustable beds that allow each person to maximize their own sleep comfort. All Dormia bedding products are manufactured in the United States using hand-made craftsmanship and custom embroidery. Dormia’s line of higher-end visco-elastic memory foam and latex mattresses, with various luxurious constructions, represents the fastest growing segment of the bedding market. Dormia mattresses are designed to help customers get the maximum benefit out of each and every night’s sleep. In addition, the mattresses use an all natural Bamboo cover or a European Lyocell cover with an insulating layer of wool and other natural fibers. For more information, visit www.dormia.com.

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