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Selva America Hires Managing Director & US Sales Coordinator

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Selva America, a premier European furnishings brand, has appointed Mike Herren to the position of Managing Director to and Angelika Bortolotti to the position of U.S. Sales Coordinator. “Although we have been in the U.S. Market for several years,” states Philipp Selva, president and ceo Selva & Company, “we have not been positioned to successfully break into the U.S. Market, until now.” Selva America, a division of Selva & Company a manufacturer and distributor to over 50 countries worldwide, launched Selva America with a soft opening in 2000 sharing a showroom space with Bevan Funnell. “At that time, we were more than anything exploring the marketplace,” states Philipp. “Our positioning in Europe was secure, but my and my father’s vision (company founder Joseph Selva) for the sun to rise as it is setting on a piece of handcrafted furniture from Selva, had not been recognized.” In October of 2002, the company took a more ambitious approach by premiering as one of the first occupants in the lush 200 Steele Showroom. “We had received a lot of positive feedback from sales representatives and customers about our product’s quality and design and there being a need for more luxuriously fashioned furnishings in the marketplace, but we weren’t in the right location to show our product effectively.” The move into the new showroom more than tripled Selva’s showroom space. Though the move into 200 Steele was significant, according to Philipp, the company was not procuring its projected growth. “We continued to grow, but we definitely sensed, still, there was a missing link.” The company’s roots being so deeply Italian, were often lost in translation or miscommunicated, leaving the brand and company’s values, lost. In 2007, Philipp upon further consideration, realized to fully break into the American market, Selva needed a Managing Director positioned in the U.S. that was fully engaged in Selva and its culture. “Mike Herren, had been with Selva in the position of International Sales Manager since 1995 and was one of my most trusted associates. His wife, Angelika Bortolotti joined us in 1999, in sales support, and proved to be a tremendous asset to our organization.” Although, Mike and Angelika were both well traveled, they had lived primarily in Italy and always in European countries. When approached about moving to the U.S. to lead Selva America and further the brand, they were up to the challenge. “Angelika and I both saw this as an exciting opportunity,” says Herren. “We are both passionate about Selva and have experienced its brand value with retailers and shoppers worldwide. Being a part of expanding that into the U.S.--- pioneering a country its size, was an exciting proposition,” states Herren. Herren and Bortolotti reside in Greensboro and commute daily to Selva America’s U.S. administrations and distribution center in High Point, NC. The Managing Director’s position was previously held by Linda McLean with the Sales Coordinator position being new for Selva’s U.S. operations. Herren’s responsibilities include managing the U.S. sales force, sales procedures, marketing strategies as well as directing all U.S. operations. Bortolotti’s responsibilities include managing administrations and sales support. Selva America seeks to position itself as the U.S.’ premier European brand of home furnishings. Selva America, a division of the internationally positioned Selva & Company founded in 1968 and led by company president and ceo, Philipp Selva, is renowned for its innovation in crafting eloquent woods into luxuriously styled furnishings suited for today’s lifestyles. Product categories include Bedroom, Dining, Occasional, and Accent Upholstery. Primary markets include Germany, Italy, Austria, the United Kingdom, nations of the former Soviet Union, the USA, and Canada with distribution to over fifty countries worldwide. Company headquarters, and administrative center, are located in Bolzano, Italy, with production plants and central warehousing facilities in Isola Rizza, Italy. Operations include a U.S. administrations and distribution center strategically located in High Point, N.C. Prominent tradeshows for exihibition include Cologne, Milan, Verona, and High Point (USA).

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