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Rug Supplier Rosemary Hallgarten Joins Child-Labor Free Certification Program

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Rosemary Hallgarten Inc. recently joined forces with the nonprofit RugMark to promote fair manufacturing practices in South Asia’s handmade rug industry. Through its independent inspection and monitoring program, RugMark confirms rugs are manufactured without the use of child labor and offers schooling to children in South Asia. Founded in 2001, Connecticut-based Rosemary Hallgarten Inc.’s rug designs combine ancient craft with modern sensibility. Owner and designer Rosemary Hallgarten is a second generation artisan and the daughter of renowned rug artist Gloria Finn, who partnered with artists including Milton Avery and Gio Ponti to interpret paintings as floor coverings. Hallgarten’s life of adventure and exposure to exotic cultures is reflected in her diverse rug collection. Hallgarten’s reverence for the ancient craft of rug weaving has led to an unwavering dedication to the communities of artisans that produce her carpets. “It’s always been my vision to respect and support the artisans I employ, as well as their culture,” Hallgarten explained. “Joining RugMark is an extension of this and ensures that my rugs support a just supply chain in Nepal that doesn’t exploit children.” As a licensee, RugMark inspectors now monitor and inspect Hallgarten’s manufacturers in Nepal on an on-going, surprise basis to ensure their production is free of child labor. Unique from other self-certification mechanisms, RugMark is independent and often named as a model for industry-wide certification. It’s a consumer’s best assurance that no child labor was used in the manufacturing of a rug. “I’ve always admired Rosemary’s work with local weavers in Peru,” said Nina Smith, Executive Director at RugMark USA. “Now that she’s expanded her production in Nepal, we welcome the opportunity to partner with her and expand the variety of handmade, certified rugs available to designers and consumers.” Rosemary Hallgarten, Inc. joins a growing number of rug designers responding to the increased consumer demand for child-labor-free rugs. Sales of child-labor-free rugs have increased by nearly 30 percent per year since 2004 as more consumers and interior designers seek out rugs bearing the RugMark label. About RugMark: RugMark is an international nonprofit organization working to end exploitative child labor in the carpet industry and give educational opportunities to children in India, Nepal and Pakistan. The RugMark label offers the best assurance that no illegal child labor was used in the manufacture of a carpet or rug. A list of importers and retailers that sell RugMark certified rugs is available at www.RugMark.org. About Rosemary Hallgarten Inc.: From jewelry maker to textile artist, British-born Rosemary Hallgarten’s designs have always celebrated the tactile sensibility of her materials. She enjoys the collaborative nature of working with clients, ultimately creating a highly original piece for their space. There is an unmistakable quality of seduction, luxury and luminosity that a Rosemary Hallgarten rug brings to a room. Rosemary Hallgarten is fascinated as much by the visual and tactile qualities of materials, as keeping the different skills and traditions alive in producing them. The result is a delicate balance of past and present. For further information, visit www.rosemaryhallgarten.com.

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